Darryl Anthony Looking Towards Rookie Season

anthony1Along with the returning veterans, the OSCAAR Midgets are going to have a bunch of new faces for the upcoming season. One of those rookies will be Darryl Anthony.

After racing a Mini Stock at Peterborough Speedway, Anthony is set to race a midget this season. The Midget made sense for his career at this point as he said “it’s an affordable car to drive”.

He admits that he isn’t sure what to expect as he hasn’t raced a midget before, but hopes he can get up front with it. He states his goals going into the year are to qualify for every race, and be competitive.

Of the tracks on the schedule, Anthony says he’s most excited about getting to Grand Bend Speedway this season.

For Anthony, his interest in racing got started through his father whom used to race open-wheel modifieds. He then got involved himself, racing go-karts before moving into the Mini Stock at Peterborough.

The OSCAAR Midgets will open their season at Flamboro Speedway on May 21-22, joining the OSCAAR Outlaw Super Lates and the OSCAAR Modifieds as part of Flamboro’s big May 24 weekend. The Super Lates will run their feature on the Saturday with the Midgets and Modifieds just qualifying, with both the Midgets and Modifieds running their features on the Sunday.

Stay tuned to the OSCAAR website for more driver and series news leading up to the racing season.

By: Ashley McCubbin

Russ Couture Excited About Midgets and Traveling

russ01There are going to be plenty of rookies in both OSCAAR Midget divisions this year, and one of those is Russ Couture.

“I’m excited to get to learn the Midget class and just want to go out and have fun,” he commented. “Super excited to be able to tour too many different tracks to put on a great show.”

Couture stated that he has always liked the OSCAAR tour, and knew he had the jump of the opportunity to be apart of it when it was there.

“It was the perfect chance to try something different,” he commented. “I really like the idea of traveling to a different track each week and getting to know new people.”

While noting that he’s excited for every track on the schedule, he stated he’s most excited about racing at Peterborough Speedway and Full Throttle Motor Speedway.

Couture is looking forward to having fun, but also hopes to learn as much as he can quickly in hope of winning a few races this season. He notes that it’ll be a challenge, though, given that his only previous racing experience is in a Mini Stock.

“Everything is completely different,” he said. “There’s really nothing that I learned with the Mini that we can use on this car so it will be all new again. Super excited!“

Couture’s interest in racing developed at a young age through attending Mosport Raceway with his father. He would then transition to attending Barrie Speedway weekly, and noted that taking part in the King of the Hill is when he caught the racing bug.

“We bought a Honda 4 cylinder that raced at Barrie and it took off from there,” he said. “I’m very excited to be able to run with the OSCAAR midgets.”russ02

The OSCAAR Midgets will open their season at Flamboro Speedway on May 21-22, joining the OSCAAR Outlaw Super Lates and the OSCAAR Modifieds as part of Flamboro’s big May 24 weekend. The Super Lates will run their feature on the Saturday with the Midgets and Modifieds just qualifying, with both the Midgets and Modifieds running their features on the Sunday.

Stay tuned to the OSCAAR website for more driver previews heading into the upcoming season.

By: Ashley McCubbin

Craig Deacon to Make Return to Competition

craig decon imageAfter having his season end early, Craig Deacon will be making his return to OSCAAR Midget competition this season.

“Last season was short ended for me, as I unfortunately came into contact with the front straight away wall at Sauble Speedway, and ended the season with a lovely concussion,” he commented. “But before that, I was still trying to learn all about my car and snowmobile engines as I have had no experience with them. I do appreciate getting help from Robin McLean, the Woodland Team and Larry Wilson.”

While the year didn’t go as planned, Deacon did have a strong run, posting a strong seventh place finish at Peterborough Speedway in May. It’s why this year, he hopes to be in the top-10 on any given night while having a lot of fun.

“My thoughts on the upcoming seasons are there’s a lot of travelling as with the two series now,” he commented. “We will have to work doubly hard to compete. I know I will miss some races, but just want to be competitive and have fun.”

Deacon notes he enjoys the Midget competition as they’re faster than a Late Model, but you’re not spending as much money on them.

“I also like the fact that if you break something or destroy your car, other competitors are there to help you out and get you back on the track,” he added. “Case in point, last year after Sauble, Simon Elliot, offered me his car to finish off the season. But the doctor’s said no. That’s the type of people we have in this club.”

Notably, he actually is looking forward to getting back to Sauble Speedway this season as he says “that track owes him” after last year’s incident.

For Deacon, his interest in racing developed while camping at Pigeon Lake Camper’s Resort in Peterborough in the 80s.

“One of the campers named Wayne Bratton took a group of us kids to (at the time) Westgate Speedway, now Peterborough Speedway,” he said. “I was hooked from that night on. That same year, helped a young Bob Oppersma – helped him for a number of years, then was on the crew of Jerry Downey at Sauble Speedway. (I also) pitted for Mike Bricknell for a few years, helped Phil Bullen, and Wayne Issacs.

“In 2005, ran my own Thunder Car at Sunset Speedway, where I was Rookie of the Year and 10th in Points. Took a few years off and climbed into a Midget last year.”

By: Ashley McCubbin

Rick Schurr Joins OSCAAR Modifieds

rickschurr03After having success in the Canadian Vintage Modifieds, Rick Schurr will jump behind the wheel of an OSCAAR Modified this season. The veteran will split the schedule with Roger Spies.

Schurr stated that he made the move to modified competition this season as he “was looking for something exciting to do” and move up to a more competitive division.

“I think that the ‘transition’ is what we are looking forward to the most,” he says. “The speed increase, the engineering of the cars, the set-up requirements, and most of all, meeting new people and having fun.”

He adds the biggest thing is that he is looking for to have fun this year.

Looking ahead to the schedule, Schurr says he’s most excited to getting to Delaware Speedway this year, and eventually Cayuga Speedway when they get it open.

“I like the faster speed, longer corners – better transition,” he said.

He adds that he likes Flamboro Speedway as well, given that it was the sight of his first career victory and his dad Glen Schurr built the track originally back in 1962.

The Schurr name has a deep history in motorsports, with Glenn being the International 150 Lap Champion in the Super Modifieds and Flamboro Speedway Track Champion in 1966. Glenn was also an inaugural Inductee into the Flamboro Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Despite this, Rick did not start driving till late into his career. As a child, he did not have an interest in getting behind the wheel.

“I think my dad did it perfectly,” he recalled. “(He) sat me on his seat (in 1962 when Flamboro first opened) in his Super Modified and did some hot laps – .scared the shit out of me. You can not even imagine the acceleration of those fuel injected cars at that time.”rickschurr02

Following that experience, Schurr stuck to playing hockey. Though four years ago, he got behind the wheel of a race car for the first time as part of the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Daytona International Speedway.

“I was in a nationwide car, by myself, and went 168 mph average speed,” he said. “The speed was not intimidating as I thought it would have been. The instructor asked me where had I driven a car before, and I said never. He said, ‘Wow, you were very smooth and handled the car in some tough wind conditions’.”

Upon returning from Florida, Schurr made a trip to see Gary Elliott. Notably, Elliott carries the No. 36 that Schurr’s father race as Glen is Elliott’s racing hero.

“I asked Gary if possible some day I could take his Canadian Vintage Modified out on Flamboro Speedway, the track my father built and raced at, to take a few hot laps with his car,” Schurr stated. “A few weeks later, Gary called me and asked if I would like to race his car and he meant competitively for the season. I was like a teenager getting a new bicycle for my birthday, and well, the rest is history as they say.”

rickschurr01At the age of 59, Schurr picked up the Rookie of the Year Award in the Canadian Vintage Modified, finishing 16th in points. A year later, he ran half of the series’ events, moving up to 12th in points and won the Most Improved Driver Award.

Schurr bought his car own for the 2015 season, racing nine of the 15 events en route to finishing eighth in points. He also went and competed in some Vintage Modified races in Sandusky, Ohio. Schurr said it was a fun experience with a ‘great bunch of guys’, resulting in some success in setting the second quickest time on the half-mile oval.

Now he hopes to parlay that sense of fun, with some success, in his new venture this season.

By: Ashley McCubbin

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