OUTLAWS Ready to Close out Summer at Peterborough Speedway


The summer of 2015 may be quickly coming to an end. The temperatures are starting to drop but the racing for the OUTLAWS is just starting to heat up.

Labour day weekend has become a tradition at Peterborough Speedway as they crown all their local divisions 2015 Champions, and the OUTLAWS get one last chance to tune up before their season ending event the Autumn Colours Classic.

Coming into the seventh event of the season the #17 of Kevin Cornelius has a perfect record going in feature competition. Never in OSCAAR history has a driver gone undefeated and with three events left to go, the question on everyone’s mind will Kevin and his team become the first to accomplish this feat.

In order to do accomplish this, the #17 is going to have to fend off the challenges of his fellow Outlaw drivers. For the past two events the #84 of JR Fitzpatrick has let the londonrec#17 team know that he is ready to end their streak. Fans will also want to remember back to the earlier event in 2015 at Peterborough Speedway when the #84 had the dominate car only to lose by a half a car length at the end of the race.

Glenn Watson and his #22 team have also shown the competition that he is ready to return to victory lane and would love nothing better than the be the one that ends the #17 streak of wins. Rookie Shawn Grosman has put together a solid year while competing for the first time ever on the OUTLAW series. Shawn might have an ace up his sleeve as his crew chief Ryan Kimball has many years racing experience at Peterborough Speedway and that might be just what the team needs to get that first feature win.

Another thing the fans will want to keep an eye on and that is the points race. Currently second through fourth place is separated by a mere 4 points. With one point awarded per position the teams of Fitzpatrick, Watson and Grosman will be gunning for every position they can on the track.

Cory Jones comes into this event in 5th place and will be letting the drivers ahead of him in points, one slip and he is going to be there to take advantage of the situation. Kelly Balson always has Peterborough Speedway circled on his calendar, unfortunately the team suffered motor issues last week and at this time it is not known if the B10 will be in competition this weekend. One thing is for sure Kelly and his team are dedicated racer and if they can be there in front of their home town fans they will do everything possible to make it happen.

Shawn Chenoweth returned to action last week at Flamboro Speedway and was rewarded with a third place finish in the feature event. Shawn is no stranger to dickies logo webPeterborough Speedway with victories in other divisions, and would love nothing more than to park the #89c in victory lane Saturday night.

Fans of the 1/3 mile Peterborough Speedway will want to ensure they are there to celebrate the home town 2015 Champions and enjoy the fastest cars in Canada “The OUTLAWS”

Pit gates open at 1:00 pm with the first green flag of the night set to wave at 5:00 pm

See everyone at the track.

Cornelius, Harper and Bound Celebrate Victory at Flamboro Speedway

Flamboro Speedway played host to the OSCAAR series and The Don Biederman Memorial this past weekend. With the pits full of cars the fans were treated to some great racing from all seven of the divisions in attendance.

Dickies / London Recreational Racing Outlaw Action:OSCAAR Feature Winners @ Flamboro Speedway 2015. (5 of 5)

The one event on the calendar that every Outlaw driver has circled is the Biederman Memorial. This years’ event saw it return to its roots at Flamboro Speedway. It was at this track the Biedeman became a household name in Ontario. Coming into this event Kevin Cornelius had never turned a competitive lap at Flamboro Speedway and was riding a perfect win streak and just to add a little more pressure was the defending champion of the Memorial event. The question on everyone’s mind even Kevin’s could he keep the streak alive?

The qualifying events for the 50 lap Memorial event would be the first order of business. Todd Campbell has turned many laps at Flamboro Speedway and used that knowledge to take the win in the first heat race of the day. Kevin Cornelius would pick up the win in heat race #2, with Flamboro veteran #39 Shane Gowan picking up his first win of the 2015 season in heat race #3. Making his return to OSCAAR competition this weekend is perhaps one of the more successful drivers at Flamboro in recent years, the #89c of Shawn Chenoweth would take heat race #4.

It seemed heading into the feature that the home track drivers would hold the advantage as the #22 of Glenn Watson and the #17 of Kevin Cornelius would lead the field to the green flag. The #17 would get the jump on the start and the battle for second would look very familiar as the #22 of Watson and the #84 of Fitzpatrick would battle side by side lap after lap for the spot. On lap 15 Fitzpatrick would finally claim the spot and set off to hunt the #17 of Cornelius down who had built up a straight away lead by then. On the move was the #89c of Chenoweth who also made the move around the #22 of Watson and the hard charging #81 of Andrew Gressel moved from his 10th starting spot into fourth. As the race passed halfway distance, the crowd were keeping an eye on the leader and the score board as the laps where quickly ticking down. Cornelius caught some lapped traffic allowing the #84 to inch ever closer until the rear view mirror was full of the #84. The two leaders put on an epic battle for the lead with Fitzpatrick doing whatever he could to get the inside line on the #17. As the white flag flew it was now or never for the #84 and he made one last ditch effort in turn three but to no avail as the #17 of Cornelius picked up the win and defended his Biederman Memorial win. Shawn Chenoweth gave it everything he had and got his first podium finish of 2015 with an impressive 3rd place. Andrew Gressel was happy to be in the Outlaw and his fourth place finish with the #22 of Watson rounding out the top five. While the celebration in victory lane was going on everyone began to talk about the fact the race took just under 18 minutes to race and not one single caution and every car was still running at the end.

Biederman Memorial Feature Finish: 1st #17 Kevin Cornelius, 2nd #84 JR Fitzpatrick, 3rd #89c Shawn Chenoweth, 4th #81 Andrew Gressel, 5th #22 Glenn Watson, 6th #29 Sean Grosman, 7th #07 Todd Campbell, 8th #82 Corey Jones, 9th #27 Roy Passer, 10th #39 Shane Gowan, 11th #63 Jim Bowman, 12th #88 Kelly Hallet, #7 Derrick Tiemersma dns, #b10 Kelly Balson dns

Top 5 in Championship: 1st #17 Kevin Cornelius 488 pts, 2nd #84 JR Fitzpatrick 425 pts, 3rd #22 Glenn Watson 423 pts, 4th #29 Sean Grosman 421 pts, 5th #82 Corey Jones 400 pts

Inside Track Hard Charger: 1st #17 Kevin Cornelius 50 pts, 2nd #39 Shane Gowan 32 pts, 3rd #82 Corey Jones 24 pts, 4th #84 JR Fitzpatrick 23 pts, 5th #29 Sean Grosman 18 pts

The HOOSIER Mods: The fans of Flamboro Speedway only have one chance to see the OSCAAR Mods in action and the drivers ensured the fans saw some great open OSCAAR Feature Winners @ Flamboro Speedway 2015 (5 of 5)wheel action. With a great balance of veterans of the track and rookies, it provided some great racing action all night long.

Chris Milwain was one of the drivers with experience in a Hobby Car but being a rookie in the Mod at Flamboro, but used his experience to pick up heat race win #1 of the night. Brian McLean picked up the feature win at the previous OSCAAR Mod event and looked ready to defend with a win in heat race #2. Matt Barton also has many laps at the track behind the wheel and as a crew chief and that knowledge paid off with a win in heat #3 his first of the 2015 season. John Harper grew up coming to Flamboro Speedway and lives just down the road so the win in heat race #4 was like a home coming for the team, who was coming off his best OSCAAR career finish of second the week before.

The 30 lap feature event would be lead to green by the #63 of John Baker JR and the #2 of Matt Barton. At the drop of the green Barton and his #2 machine would set sail at the front of the field, leaving the rest of the drivers to battle it out for position. The first caution of the event would fly at the half way point as rookie driver #09 Dan Price would suffer motor problems and have to be towed back to the pits. The restart would see the #2 of Barton line up beside the #79 of John Harper with Cory Horner in the #79h in third #36 of Gary Elliott in fourth and the #26 of Terry Baker rounding out the top five at the half way point. The leaders would battle side by side for the next two laps before the #79 of John Harper would take over the leaders spot. The battle continued for second through seventh as they were all nose to tail for the final 15 laps of the feature event. With the laps winding down the #79 of Harper was in command and when the checkerflag waved it would be the Harper team celebrating in victory lane for the first time on the OSCAAR Mod Tour. Matt Barton would hold on to second place matching his career best finish with Gary Elliott returning to the podium at his home track. Rounding out the top five would be the #26 of Terry Baker and the #8 of Gary McLean.

The Mod teams now get a very well deserved weekend off before returning to Full Throttle Speedway in two weeks for round #2 of The Rick Woolner Memorial event. Shane Stickle and his #39 mod picked up the win in round one, but the overall winner will be the driver with the best combined finish of the two events. Fans will not want to miss a moment of the exciting Mod racing that weekend.

Feature Finish: 1st #79 John Harper, 2nd #2 Matt Barton, 3rd #36 Gary Elliott, 4th #26 Terry Baker, 5th #8 Gary McLean, 6th #79h Cory Horner, 7th #21 Chris Milwain, 8th #47 Brian McLean, 9th #63 John Baker JR, 10TH #19 Dean Scott, 11th #20 Mike Hearty, 12th #12 David Balych, 13th #99 AJ Emms, 14th #09 Dan Price

Top 5 in Championship: 1st #8 Gary McLean 555 pts, 2nd #36 Gary Elliott 488 pts, 3rd #79h Cory Horner 482 pts, 4th #63 John Baker JR 479 pts, 5th #47 Brian McLean 468 pts

Inside Track Hard Charger: 1st #8 Gary McLean 48 pts, 2nd #20 Mike Hearty 27 pts, 3rd #79h Cory Horner – #63 John Baker JR 25 pts, 5th #77 Chad Strawn 24 pts

The Midas of Orangeville Midgets : Twenty six of the best in the Midget series signed in to do battle at Flamboro Speedway this past weekend. With the season OSCAAR Feature Winners @ Flamboro Speedway 2015 (5 of 5)winding down the points race is the closest in any series in Ontario, the drivers were ready to get down to some serious racing in front of a great crowd at Flamboro Speedway.

The qualifying heats are of the up most importance as the drivers want to start as close to the front as they can and they do not want to have to run the dreaded “B” main. Robin McLean has been running a part time schedule for the 2015 season butt when he shows up he ready to win and proved that by taking the checker flag in heat race #1 of the night. The #83 of Jamie Bound was back in action after missing the previous event and took the win in heat race #2 over his brother Jody Bound. Jamie would back that win up with a win in heat #3 making him the top qualifier of the night and being the lucky driver to draw the invert. The past few weeks would see the #57 of James Stanley becoming a fixture at the front of the fields and would pick up the win in heat race #4 of the night. With twenty five cars still in competition it was decided to start them all for the 25 feature event.

Rob Summers has been putting strong runs together this last half of the season and would lead the field to green along side the #62 of Rob McCall. The #62 of McCall would get the early jump and would lead the first 3 laps of the feature event. Moving up quickly was the #5 of Jody Bound who started 8th in the feature and took over the top spot on lap 4. The #5 of Bound was looking to rebound from a disappointing event at Grand Bend and pick up his first feature win of the season. Jody knew that if that was to happen he have to hold off his brother Jamie and his #83 machine who was quickly moving up through the field as well. On lap 14 the #83 of Bound would make his move to the lead and would go on to pick up another feature victory. The battle was then on for second place between the #5 of Bound and the #2 of Jessica James who started the feature all the way back in 20th place. The two would race side by side for lap after lap with no one giving an inch. Coming to the checker flag they were side by side coming out of turn four making a run to the line with the #5 of Bound taking the spot by inches over the #2 of James. While all this was going on the driver with the best seat in the house was the #18 of Paul Drananoc who came home fourth followed by the #53 of Dave Bradley in fifth.

The teams will now get to enjoy the labour day weekend poolside before returning to action at Full Throttle Speedway in two weeks. In the previous visit it was Jessica James that laid down the law and she will be looking to defend her race win.

Midas of Orangeville Midgets Feature Finish: 1st #63 Jamie Bound, 2nd #5 Jody Bound, 3rd #2 Jessica James, 4th #18 Paul Drananoc, 5th #53 Dave Bradley, 6th #84 Richard Woodland, 7th #75 Shawn Stanley, 8th #97 Robin McLean, 9th #85 Rob Summers, 10th #8 Larry Lawson, 11th #37 Steve Lassman, 12th #3 Lorne Van Dusen, 13th #98 Kevin Spiez, 14th #26 Katherine Summers, 15th #71 Wayne McKibbon, 16th #43 Randy Hiusser, 17th #24 Ryan Brown, 18th #74 David Gallinger, 19th #48 Brian Woodland, 20th #42 Brian McDonald, 21st #86 Raynor Vickers, 22nd #57 James Stanley, 23rd #62 Rob McCall, 24th #55 Cory Whittam, 25th #69 Wally Wilson, #31k Brent Kemps dns

Top 5 in Championship: 1st #5 Jody Bound 617 pts, 2nd #48 Brian Woodland 607 pts, 3rd #18 Paul Drananoc 603 pts, 4th #84 Richard Woodland 599 pts, 5th #42 Brian McDonald

Inside Track Hard Charger: 1st #83 Jamie Bound 44 pts, 2nd #86 Raynor Vickers 43 pts, 3rd #2 Jessica James 35 pts, 4th #57 James Stanley 31 pts, 5th #48 Brian Woodland 29 pts

Rookie of the year: 1st #5 Jody Bound 40 pts, 2nd #86 Raynor Vickers 29 pts, 3rd #71 Wayne McKibbon 27 pts, 4th #69 Wally Wilson 17 pts, 5th #13 Craig Deacon 9 pts

Midas of Orangeville Top 5: 1st #5 Jody Bound 455 pts, 2nd #18 Paul Drananoc 437 pts, 3rd #48 Brain Woodland 415 pts, 4th #84 Richard Woodland 404 pts, 5th #42 Brian McDonald 403 pts

Inside Track Hard Charger: 1st #86 Raynor Vickers 26 pts, 2nd #83 Jamie Bound 25 pts, 3rd #48 Brian Woodland – #98 Kevin Spiez 24 pts, #57 James Stanley 21 pts

Flamboro Speedway Set to Host The Biederman Memorial


After a great night of racing at Sunset Speedway, the OSCAAR teams are now preparing to tackle Flamboro Speedway this Saturday. The Outlaws will all be after the one trophy they all want The Biederman Memorial, while the Mods and Midgets will also be part of the exciting day of racing.

For fans of big shows this is one they will not want to miss. Along with the three OSCAAR divisions the home track divisions of the pure stocks, mini stocks, thunder cars and pro 4 will also be in attendance. The show will provide racing fans with a full day and night of racing starting at 3:00pm.

The Outlaws will high light the event with the 50 lap Memorial event, which should prove to be one of the best races of the season. Coming into this event the #17 of Kevin Cornelius remains undefeated in feature competition. Each week though his fellow competitors inch ever closer to ending that streak. After last weeks’ event the #84 of JR Fitzpatrick, the #22 of Glenn Watson or the #7 of Derrick Tiemersma have to be early prerace favorites. Fans will also want to take into consideration the home track advantage that the #82 of Cory Jones and #39 Shane Gowan. Kelly Balson and Sean Grosman are still searching for their first feature in on the tour and what would be better than having their name on The Biederman Trophy. However there are two teams that have just confirmed their attendance this weekend that could catch the entire field off guard. The 2015 OSCAAR Champion #81 Andrew Gresel will have his outlaw in attendance, and his team is coming off a big pro late win the week before, so that momentum may just carry over to the super. It has also been confirmed that the #89c of Shawn Chenoweth will be returning to action this weekend. The team has worked endlessly the past few weeks recovering from the Sauble Speedway accident. Fans of Flamboro Speedway know that the #89c of Chenoweth knows his way to victory lane there in thunder and pro late and Shawn would love nothing better than for his first OSCAAR feature win to be at his home track.

No matter who is celebrating in victory lane race fans will be in store for a great 50 lap feature event. With the points race closing down the #17 of Cornelius has a firm hand on the lead and Kelly Balson is in second. But third through fifth place is only separated by 2 points with the #22 of Watson currently third, the #29 of Grosman fourth and the #84 of Fitzpatrick is fifth.

The HOOSIER Mods will be making their only appearance at Flamboro Speedway this coming Saturday and promise to show the fans the best in open wheel competition. The previous OSCAAR Mod event saw a McLean in victory lane, but it wasn’t Gary. Brian McLean and his #47 Mod has won the only OSCAAR sanctioned event at Flamboro. Brian has shown the speed to get the job done again if he could only get some of the racing luck back on his side. While running in the top 5 at Sunset last week an accident would sideline him yet again. Gary McLean has seemed to own victory lane this year and will be looking to get his first OSCAAR sanctioned victory at Flamboro this weekend. Several teams recorded their best series finish last weekend and will be looking to build on that this Saturday. The points lead again is firmly under command of the #8 of McLean, but with a tie for second place between #36 Gary Elliott and #63 John Baker JR, and the #79h of Cory Horner only 3 points behind, every position will be key this weekend.

The Midas of Orangeville Midgets had a well deserved weekend off, but are set to return to action at Flamboro this weekend. At the previous event at Grand Bend Speedway the #48 of Brian Woodland picked up his first OSCAAR feature win, and took over the championship points standing with 4 events left in the season. Brian holds the lead by 1 single point over the #5 of Jody Bound who will be looking to rebound after suffering mechanical issues at the last event. Currently the #84 of Richard Woodland and the #18 of Paul Drananoc are tied for third in the points and only 15 out of the top spot. Brian McDonald round out the top 5 in points only 27 behind the leaders. This season has been one where predicting the winner each week has become near impossible as each and every team have improved each and every week. With fields over 24 at most events, the first goal of every driver is simply make the A main. If fans are not familiar with the midget style of racing you are in for a treat, with the side by side, two wide racing, they will keep you on the edge of your seat. The cars maybe small but the action is always big with the midgets

Fans will be able to get further details on the Flamboro website, and OSCAAR looks forward to seeing all the great race fans this weekend.

Cornelius and McLean Victorious at Sunset Speedway

Beautiful late summers’ weather welcomed the race fans to Sunset Speedway for an exciting night of OSCAAR racing. The Outlaw drivers where racing in memory of long time OSCAAR competitor Bruce Gowland, and they put on a show that Bruce would have been very proud of. The HOOSIER Mod drivers continue to show the race fans why they are the premier open wheel modified show in Ontario.

Dickies Outlaws By London Recreational Racing:_MG_4993

For the second consecutive year the Outlaw drivers raced in the memory of Bruce Gowland for their fifty lap feature event. Last years’ memorial winner Dwayne Baker was not in attendance so a new name was going to be engraved on the trophy…. The question was who?

Four 10 lap heat races would start the evening off for the Outlaw drivers. JR Fitzpatrick would be the first to flex his muscles by picking up heat race #1 and #4 giving him the distinction of being the top qualifier on the evening. Glenn Watson and his #22 machine recovered from mechanical problems in practice to take the win in heat #2 over a close battle with the #29 of Sean Grosman. Kevin Cornelius entered the night with a perfect win streak in feature competition and would take the win in heat race #3 on the night. The 50 lap feature would see the #22 of Watson on poll along side the #9 of Brandon Watson who was making his first series start in 2 years. Brandon had his template CRA car in competition and would score a 12th place finish in feature competition. From the drop of the green flag it was a four car race at the front. Glenn Watson lead the first 22 laps of the feature with a fierce battle going on behind him. The #84 of Fitzpatrick, the #17 of Cornelius and the #7 of Derrick Tiemersma where all battling door to door lap after lap all looking to mount a challenge on the #22 of Watson. On lap 23, Kevin made his move for the lead and was able to pull away for the second place battle. Every race fan kept their eyes on the battle for second. Watson was on the outside and Fitzpatrick on the inside raced side by side for lap after lap in front of the excited crowd. The two drivers put on a great display of racing giving each other the room and the respect to race it out. With about 10 laps to go Fitzpatrick was finally able to complete the pass for second, but by then the #17 was far enough in the lead that a challenge for the win would not happen. When the checker flag waved it was the #17 of Kevin Cornelius keeping his feature win streak alive, followed by the #84 of JR Fitzpatrick and the #22 of Glenn Watson rounding out the top three. Derrick Tiemersma would finish the night in 4th place followed by the #82 of Corey Jones. Throughout the practice and heat races Corey battled mechanical issues, so the charge from his 14th starting spot to 5th gave the team the momentum heading into his home track Flamboro Speedway next weekend.

The #17 of Cornelius will be looking to continue that winning streak next week at Flamboro Speedway for the Biederman Memorial. Several drivers have next Saturday circled as they look to return to their home track. The #82 of Cory Jones, #39 Shane Gowan, the #89 of Shawn Chenoweth are all looking to use their home track advantage to add their name to the Biederman Trophy. OSCAAR has also received notification that 2015 OSCAAR Champion #81 Andrew Gresel will have his outlaw out for competition.

Racing will start at 3:00pm on Saturday August 29th as the Outlaws honour Don Biederman at a track where he forged his racing history.

Dickies Outlaws By London Recreational Racing feature: 1st #17 Kevin Cornelius, 2nd #84 JR Fitzpatrick, 3rd #22 Glenn Watson, 4th #7 Derrick Tiemersma, 5th #82 Cory Jones, 6th #b10 Kelly Balson, 7th #39 Shane Gowan, 8th #8 Paul Howse, 9th #29 Sean Grosman, 10th #07 Todd Campbell, 11th #27 Roy Passer, 12th #9 Brandon Watson, 13th #16 Robert Bickle, 14th #13 Gary Passer, 15th #3 Rob Gibdon dns, 16th #71c Ethan Cournyea

Top Five Championship: 1st #17 Kevin Cornelius 417 pts, 2nd #b10 Kelly Balson 373 pts, 3rd #22 Glenn Watson 360 pts, 4th #29 Sean Grosman 359 pts, 5th #84 JR Fitzpartick 358 pts

HOOSIER Mods:OSCAAR 2015 @ Sunset Speedway Feature Winner. (5 of 5)

With the racing season inching ever closer to the final event of the 2015, the drivers in the HOOSIER Mods know that every point counts in the close battle for the 2015 championship. With 20 of the top modified teams in the province signed in to battle, fans knew they were in for a great night of racing.

Heat race action would start the night off and see the #20 of Mike Hearty pick up his first checker flag in OSCAAR competition. Mike makes the long drive from Sault St Marie for each event and the hard work and dedication paid off in heat #1. Brian McLean picked up heat #2 win and has shown he has the speed each and every week as he searches for his feature win in 2015. Current point leader Gary McLean picked up the win in heat race #3 making him the top qualifier of the night. The final heat race would go to rookie contender #79h Corey Horner who looked poised to take a run for the feature event.

The field for the feature event would be lead to the green by #79h Cory Horner and #79 John Harper with the #79h of Horner getting the jump on the field. Cory would lead the first 8 laps of the feature event before giving up the top spot to the #8 of Gary McLean. It was on lap 21 of the 30 lap feature event that things would take a drastic change. While the leaders were putting a lap on some slower cars, contact was made on the front straight which would see about 12 cars come to a sudden stop. When the smoke cleared several cars would see their night end early. Three of the top 5 would see their feature end, #79 of Horner, #47 McLean and the #14 of Davey Terry would not get the finish they had hoped for. The #15b of Brad Pearsall would also see his night end along with rookie #18 of Dave Lewis. The green would come out with nine laps remaining and the racing was not over yet. Gary McLean set sail and would come home with the feature win. Behind him though it was a night of firsts for many drivers, the #79h of John Harper would record his series best finish with a second place finish. Matt Barton would race his #2 up to third place round out the podium. The #09 of Dan Price would also record his best finish in OSCAAR with a fourth place. Chris Milwain also scored his best finish in OSCAAR with a 5th place in the final run down. Making his return to the series was the #61 of Dustin Jackson who would score a 6th place finish, showing that he still has what it takes to compete with the best in OSCAAR.

The HOOSIER Mods will also be in attendance at Flamboro Speedway this coming weekend, and the question is can anyone stop the #8 of McLean, I guess only time will tell, and as a race fan you will want to ensure you are there to see!

HOOSIER Mod feature: 1st #8 Gary McLean, 2nd #79 John Harper, 3rd #2 Matt Barton, 4th 09 Dan Price, 5th #21 Chris Milwain, 6th #61 Dustin Jackson, 7th #26 Terry Baker, 8th #63 John Baker JR, 9TH #99 AJ Emms, 10th #20 Mike Hearty, 11th #36 Gary Elliott, 12th #96k Monty Kelly, 13th #12 David Balych, 14th #41 Duane Cinnamon, 15th #79h Cory Horner, 16th #47 Brian McLean, 17th #14 Davey Terry, 18th #15b Brad Pearsall, 19th #18 Dave Lewis, 20th #19 Dean Scott dns

HOOSIER Mod top five: 1st #8 Gary McLean 489 pts, 2nd #36 Gary Elliott – #63 John Baker JR 422pts, 3rd #79h Cory Horner 419 pts, 5th #47 Brian McLean

Photo Credits: Dan Little Jr and Todd D Walden

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