OSCAAR Drivers Ready For Chase For the Colours

OSCAAR 25thIn what has become a yearly tradition the August long weekend means it is time for the drivers of OSCAAR to tackle Peterborough Speedway. For the past three years this event has taken on a new meaning when it became the Chase for the Colours.

The Autumn Colours Classic is the biggest event in racing in Ontario and the event where all three of the 2015 OSCAAR Champions will be crowned. The Chase of the Colours this weekend will make two drivers very happy heading into the yearend event. The drivers that finish first and second in each of the features this weekend will lock themselves into those positions for the year end event.

Everyone knows the pressure that is on the drivers that weekend and to have that security to be locked in is something that every driver would love to have.

The Dickies Outlaws brought to you by London Recreational Racing will be closing out the night with a 50 lap main event. The action is always hot and fast at the 1/3 mile oval and the Outlaws will keep you on the edge of your seat all night. Home track advantage is what just what the b10 of Kelly Balson and the #54 of Mike Beyore will both be looking for. The two have been fast all year and still on the search for their first series feature win.

The HOOSIER Mods are set to show the fans the high speed action of open wheel racing at its best. With four different feature winners so far in 2015 it is anyone’s guess what might happen this weekend. There are three rookie HOOSIER Mod drivers that call Peterborough Speedway home. The #63 of John Baker Jr, the #79h of Cory Horner and the #09 of Dan Price would all love nothing better than to get that win in front of the home town crowd this weekend.

The Midas of Orangville Midget will be making their 3rd appearance of 2015 this weekend. The two previous races have produced some wild action and fans can be assured of the same this weekend. The #83 of Jamie Bound has won the past couple of feature events, but last time #2 Jessica James had her second feature locked up till mechanical issues sidelined her late in the race. The #84 of Richard Woodland picked up a feature win earlier in the season at Peterborough and fans can expect to see him back up front this weekend. With a full field of midgets expected fans can expect to see some great racing action from the drop of the green flag to the checker.

Prior to racing Peterborough Speedway and OSCAAR will be hosting a pre race corn roast as a thank you to all the great fans that come out each week and support the races. The corn will be ready by 5:00pm with the first green flag of the night at 6:00pm. Fans will also want to ensure they get their copy of the 25th Anniversary OSCAAR Program as well.

One Wild Weekend of Racing at The Beach

While many people were suffering through a wet rainy Saturday, the race fans where enjoying the hot summer weather that had made Sauble Beach famous. A near capacity crowd filled the stands and where ready for some exciting racing action, that Sauble Speedway is famous for.

Dickies / London Recreational Racing Outlaw Action: A very competitive and fast field signed in to battle for the fifty lap main event. The first order of business would be qualifying whereOSCAAR @ Sauble Speedway 2015 Heat 2 (2 of 4) we would see some new names in victory lane. The #07 of Todd Campbell would pick up heat race one, and the b10 of Kelly Balson would take the victory in heat race #2 rounding out first round qualifying. Picking up his first checker flag in 2015 was the #84 of JR Fitzpatrick in heat 3, with Sean Grosman in the #29 taking the win in the final heat race. The stage was set for the 50 lap main event as the #29 of Grosman and the #17 of Cornelius would lead the field to the green flag. An incident in turn one on the start involving the #07 of Campbell and the #7 of Derrick Tiemersma would see a complete restart in order. It was on lap three that the worst accident in OSCAAR history occurred. The #89c of Shawn Chenoweth was on the outside of the #29 of Grosman and 47m of McLean when the 89c climbed the wall. The car became air born and tore out a huge section of the safety fence, along with damaging the starter stand. The emergency crew, along with the OSCAAR officials were right on the scene to ensure that everyone was ok. Thankfully all drivers were able to walk away from the accident. Also the safety fence did its job but unfortunately it could not be replaced and the event had to be called at lap 3. The safety that these drivers build into these cars is second to none, and it was for that reason that all drivers walked away with no injuries. Work is underway to repair some cars, but unfortunately this will be the end of the #89c season in the series. On a personal note I never like seeing cars wrecked, but most importantly I was very happy to see all my friends were able to walk away from that accident to race again another day.

As a result of the feature being incomplete, all drivers in attendance were awarded 40 show up points along with their heat race points earned.

Dickies / London Recreational Racing top 5: 1st #17 Kevin Cornelius 269 pts, 2nd b10 241 pts, 3rd 22 Glenn Watson 233 pts, 4th #82 Corey Jones 231 pts, 5th #29 Sean Grosman 230 pts

Inside Track Hard Charger: 1st #17 Kevin Cornelius 25pts, 2nd #39 Shane Gowan 18 pts, 3rd #13 Gary Passer 14 pts, 4th #27 Roy Passer 11 pts, 5th #29 Sean Grosman 10 pts

The HOOSIER Mods: A very impressive field of 19 of the best open wheel modifieds in the province where ready to do battle at the beach. First up for the mods would be the qualifying rounds OSCAAR @ Sauble Speedway 2015 Modified Top 3 (8 of 8) which again would see some new faces in victory lane. Starting the night off would be a familiar sight with the #8 of Gary McLean picking up heat race #1. Keeping the McLean name in victory lane would be Brian as he parked the #47 in victory circle for heat race #2 and #5 making Brian the top qualifier on the night. After Peterborough Speedway was rained out the #77 of Chad Strawn made the long trip to Sauble and would pick up heat race #3. A first time heat race winner in the series would be #19 Dean Scott who picked up heat race #4 and Brad Pearsall would pick up his first on the night with a win in heat race #6 in his #15b modified. The field was set for the 30 lap feature event but the green flag as short lived as a spin in turn two would force a complete restart. It was there that things went bad, as a spin at the front of the field stacked up and sent the field scattering trying to avoid the accident. The #88 of Ryan Dick received possibly the worst of the deal has his car laid on its roof just past the starters stand. Thankfully Ryan was able to emerge from his car with minor scratches. In speaking to Ryan yesterday the team is already on the search for a new chassis and hopes to be back in action my late August of this year. This accident also sidelined the #8 of Gary McLean, the #2 of Matt Barton who was making his tour debut, along with the #19 of Dean Scott. When the green flag waved it was the #36 of Gary Elliott taking command until Chad Strawn put the #77 at the front of the field. It was on a lap 15 restart that saw the 77 of Strawn line up beside the #15b of Pearsall. The two dragged race down the back stretch with Pearsall getting the advantage coming out of turn 4. From there on out it was all Brad Pearsall at the front as he opened up his lead and claimed his first HOOSIER Modified feature win of his career. Chad Strawn would hold on for second place followed by the #39 of Shane Stickle. On the opening lap the #88r of Tommy Robb would find himself in the wall in turn 3 suffering heavy damage. In speaking to Tommy, he has decided to step back from the tour to rebuild and regroup with plans to return to the tour in 2016. This is one team that has had their share of bad luck, all the fans of OSCAAR look forward to the #88r return to the series.

HOOSIER MOD FEATURE FINISH: 1ST #15B Brad Pearsall, 2nd #77 Chad Strawn, 3rd #39 Shane Stickel, 4th#63 John Baker Jr, 5th #36 Gary Elliott, 6th #20 Mike Hearty, 7th #79h Cory Horner, 8th #99 AJ Emms, 9th #96k Monty Kelly, 10th #47 Brain McLean, 11th #13eh Mark Saul, 12th #10 Rob Di Venanzo, 13th #19 Dean Scott, 14th #8 Gary McLean, 15th #88 Ryan Dick, 16th #2 Matt Barton, 17th #79 John Harper,18th #88r Tommy Robb, 19th #12 David Balych DNS

HOOSIER MOD TOP 5: 1ST #8 Gary McLean 339 pts, 2nd #77 Chad Strawn 314 pts, 3rd #36 Gary Elliott 309 pts, 4th #79h Cory Horner 302 pts, 5th #63 John Baker JR 299 pts

Inside Track Hard Charger: 1st #79 Cory Horner 25 pts, 2nd #20 Mike Hearty 24 pts, 3rd #88r Tommy Robb 22 pts, 4th #8 Gary McLean 20 pts, 5th #12 David Balych

The Midas of Orangeville Midgets : Coming off a busy weekend at Peterborough Speedway, 25 Midas Midgets would sign in to do battle this weekend at Sauble Speedway for a 25 lap mainOSCAAR @ Sauble Speedway 2015 Top 3 (6 of 6) event. Prior to the feature the fans were treated to some great heat race action. The first heat would see the #62 of Rob McCall take the victory. Current points leader would add a little padding to that lead with a victory in heat race #2 . Rob McCall would serve notice in heat race #3 that he might be the man to beat at Sauble Speedway by picking up his second win of the night. The final heat race would see a familiar face smiling for the camera as the #83 of Jamie Bound picked up the win. The 25 lap feature event would see the #2 of Jessica James and #48 Brian Woodland lead them to the green. The past weeks has seen the #2 of James battling for wins, but motor gremlins would sideline Jessica to the pits on lap 2 of the feature. By then the #83 of Jamie Bound had made his way to the front of the field and set sail leading the next 23 laps to pick up another feature win. The action is always fast and furious with the midgets, as drivers jockey for track position as the laps wind down. Keeping it a family affair the #5 of Jody Bound took home a second place finish. #57 Shawn Stanley recorded his best ever OSCAAR Midget finish with a third place in the feature event. With no time to rest the teams are hard at work preparing for this coming Saturdays racing action at Peterborough Speedway.

Midas of Orangeville Midgets Feature Finish: 1st #63 Jamie Bound, 2nd #5 Jody Bound, 3rd #57 Shawn Stanley, 4th #62 Rob McCall, 5th #42 Brian McDonald, 6th #84 Brian Woodland, 7th #7 Brent Vincent, 8th #37 Steve Lassman, 9th #8 Larry Lawson, 10th #85 Rob Summers, 11th #86 Raynor Vickers, 12th #98 Kevin Spiez, 13th #71 Wayne McGibbon, 14th #69 Wally Wilson, 15th #18 Paul Drananoc,16th #48 Brian Woodland,17th #75 James Stanley, 18th #74 David Gallinger, 19th #26 Katherine Summers, 20th #13 Craig Deacon, 21st #2 Jessica James, 22nd #77 James Rodgers, 23rd #24 Ryan Brown, 24th #28 Bob Ross, 25th #11 Paul Dermo DNS

Midas of Orangeville Top 5: 1st #5 Jody Bound 455 pts, 2nd #18 Paul Drananoc 437 pts, 3rd #48 Brain Woodland 415 pts, 4th #84 Richard Woodland 404 pts, 5th #42 Brian McDonald 403 pts

Inside Track Hard Charger: 1st #86 Raynor Vickers 26 pts, 2nd #83 Jamie Bound 25 pts, 3rd #48 Brian Woodland – #98 Kevin Spiez 24 pts, #57 James Stanley 21 pts

Photo Credit: Todd D Walden

OSCAAR Preparing To “Hit the Beach” This Weekend


The cars and stars of all three of OSCAAR’s premier divisions are heading to Sauble Beach for their annual visit to Sauble Speedway.

Kevin Cornelius will be looking to extend his perfect feature victory record in Dickies / London Recreational Racing Outlaw Action. A competitive field will be looking to remove the #17 from the top podium spot. Leading that charge will be two drivers looking for their first feature win in OSCAAR. The b10 of Kelly Balson and #82 of Cory Jones would love nothing better than to be celebrating victory as The Beach. Glenn Watson has tasted victory before at Sauble Speedway and has been getting ever closer to returning to victory lane. Perhaps the rookie Sean Grosman in his #29 machine will show the veterans how to get it done. Fans will want to be watching for the #84 of JR Fitzpatrick who is looking to shake that monkey off his back. Todd Campbell in his #07 will be returning to the place where he recorded his best ever finish in OSCAAR, the quite guy might just catch them all sleeping this weekend. Sauble Speedway regular Doug Wilson is expected to be in attendance along with 2014 OSCAAR Champion #81 of Andrew Gressel.

The HOOSIER Mods are set to bring the fans of Sauble Speedway some great open wheel racing this weekend. Gary McLean and his #8 was out showing the fans last week what they can expect to see this weekend. Gary has a pretty good grasp on the points lead at this time but there is still plenty of racing left to do. Gary Elliott in his #36 will be looking to erase some of those points this weekend with another strong run. The rookies of Cory Horner and John Baker Jr have served notice that they are ready to race with the leaders and could record their first feature win in the series. Veteran Brian McLean has been slowly working his way into the points race and with experience on his side he could just be the one to get the job done Saturday. Scheduled to make their 2015 race season debut is the #2 of Matt Barton who has had strong runs at Sauble. Rob Di Venanzo in his #10 modified will be making his first ever start in the series. The former TQ Midget stand out will be looking to draw on that experience this weekend.

The Midas of Orangeville Midgets have had a busy race season, but the teams are excited to return to Sauble Speedway for their only visit in 2015. After an exciting event at Peterborough Speedway last week which left some teams licking their wounds and others celebrating in victory lane, fans will see a great field of cars this weekend again. The championship points race is the tightest in all of racing in Ontario with a mere two points separating the top two. Jody Bound in his #5 is currently sitting in first with the #18 of Paul Drananoc in second, who is still searching for his first feature win of 2015. Brian Woodland has been having a great consistent season and currently sits in third place in points, and within easy striking distance of the leaders. Richard Woodland lead the points early this year but some bad luck has him sitting in fourth place, but look for him to rebound to reclaim that top spot. Brian McDonald rounds out the top five. Jessica James in her #2 and Jamie Bound in the #83 have been the cars to beat the past couple of weeks. A full field of Midgets are expected this week that will see both the #13 of Craig Deacon and the #69 of home town driver Wally Wilson returning to action after both being upside down last weekend at Peterborough Speedway.

Racing action is set to get underway at 7:00pm on Saturday July 25th at Sauble Speedway. Please ensure to visit www.oscaar.ca for all the latest updates

Jamie Bound Back to Back Feature Wins in The Midas of Orangeville Midget Series


The hot summer weather provided the perfect back drop to some exciting Midas of Orangeville Midget racing at Peterborough Speedway this past weekend. Twenty eight of the best signed in for competition on Saturday, that would see Jamie Bound pick up his second feature win in as many weeks.

The start of the feature was an exciting one as the #83 of Bound and the #84 of Richard Woodland would make contact sending the 84 to the infield and the #83 facing the wrong way on the track coming out of turn two. With 20 cars bearing down on them the drivers looked for a way around unfortunately some made it and some didn’t. Taking the wildest ride where rookies #13 of Craig Deacon, and the #69 of Wally Wilson, both would end up on their side and upside down. Thankfully all drivers involved were able to walk away and are hard at work to be ready for this weekends’ event at Sauble Speedway.

When the racing resumed it would be the #5 of Jody Bound taking command of the field, but sitting in second place was one of the fastest cars the past couple of weeks the # 2 of Jessica James. On a lap 14 restart James would make her move and take command of the feature event and looked like she was set to record her second feature win of the season. By this time the #83 of Bound had moved back to third place after restarting in last after the first lap accident. A caution of lap 18 looked like it had set up a 7 lap shoot out between the James and Bound, but as the field came around to take the white flag, the #2 of James pulled pit side with a blown motor. The #18 of Paul Drananoc had moved into second and tried to overtake Bound but had to settle for second place at the checkers with the # 62 Rob McCall rounding out the podium for the night.

Heat race action earlier in the night provided some great racing action. Heat #1 would see the #83 of Jamie Bound take advantage of his pole position to take the checker flag. Heat #2 would see a great display of driving as 12th starting Jessica James would take the win in 10 short laps. When heat race #3 rolled out Jessica was on pole and easily picked up her second win on the night. Not to be out done, Jamie Bound would pick up the win in heat race #4, designating him as the top qualifier of the night.

As the midsummer racing season is in full effect the midget teams will be loading up to head to Sauble Speedway on July 25th where they will be joined by the Mods and Outlaws for a complete OSCAAR racing night for the fans.

Please stay tuned to the website for details of this coming weekends event

Midas of Orangeville Feature finish Sunset Speedway: 1st #83 Jamie Bound, 2nd #18 Paul Drananoc, 3rd #62 Rob McCall, 4th #4 Jody Bound, 5th #48 Brian Woodland, 6th Mike Bradley, 7th #8 Larry Lawson, 8th #3 Lorne Van Dusen, 9th #57 James Stanley, 10th #31 Kelly Summers, 11th #17 Mike McLaughlin, 12th #74 David Gallinger, 13th #86 Raynor Vickers, 14th #71 Wayne McKibbon, 15th #2 Jessica James,16th #42 Brian McDonald, 17th #28 Bob Ross, 18th #24 Ryan Brown, 19th #84 Richard Woodland, 20th #75 Shawn Stanley, 21st #85 Rob Summers, 22nd #13 Craig Deacon, 23rd #69 Wally Wilson, 24th #37 Steve Lassman, 25th #55 Cory Whitamm

B Main (top 4 qualified) 1st #28 Bob Ross, 2nd #53 Mike Bradley, 3rd #74 David Gallinger, 4th #13 Craig Deacon, 5th #69 Wally Wilson, 6th #26 Katherine Summers, 7th #77 James Rodgers DNS

Midas of Orangeville Points Championship: 1st #5 Jody Bound 385 pts, 2nd #18 Paul Drananoc 387 pts, 3rd #48 Brian Woodland 365 pts, 4th #84 Richard Woodland 344 pts, 5th #42 Brian McDonald 342 pts

Inside Track Hard Charger Award: 1st #48 Brain Woodland 24 pts,2nd #83 Jamie Bound 20 pts, 3rd #17 Mike McLaughlin – #2 Jessica James – #42 Brian McDonald 18 pts,

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