Kelly Balson Scores First Career Modified Victory at ACC

OSCAAR Modified Kelly Balson at Peterborough SpeedwayKelly Balson made his Autumn Colours Classic at Peterborough Speedway special by scoring his first career OSCAAR Modified feature victory. Meanwhile, Cory Horner survived the chaos to be crowned the 2018 OSCAAR Modified Champion.

Gary Elliott won the first heat ahead of John Baker Jr., Brad Stevenson, John Harper, Dale Reinhart, Jason Keen, Bob Franks, and Chris Milwain. Tyler Di Venanzo would fail to take the green flag.

Kelly Balson won the second heat ahead of Chad Strawn, Gary McLean, Anthony DiBello, John Harper, A.J. Emms, Jase Cornell, Willow Barberstock, and Wally Wilson.

Shawn Chenoweth won the third heat ahead of Tim Tolton, Luke Gignac, Mike Hearty, and Craig Scott. Duane Cinnamon and Randy Hollingsworth failed to take the green flag, while Robert Warnes was disqualified.

John Harper won the fourth heat ahead of Baker Jr., Horner, Strawn, Stevenson, Cornell, Elliott, and Barberstock.

Anthony DiBello won the fifth heat ahead of McLean, Emms, Balson, Hearty, Tolton, and Wilson.

Chris Milwain won the sixth heat ahead of Reinhart, Gignac, Chenoweth, Keen, Franks, and Warnes.

Come feature time, John Baker Jr. started pole ahead of Kelly Balson, Shawn Chenoweth, Gary McLean, Anthony DiBello, Chad Strawn, John Harper, Luke Gignac, Cory Horner, and Dale Reinhart. Gary Elliott started 11th, followed by Tim Tolton, Brad Stevenson, Chris Milwain, A.J. Emms, Mike Hearty, Jason Keen, Bob Franks, Jase Cornell, Richard Warnes, Wally Wilson, Willow Barberstock, and Tyler Di Venanzo.

The feature didn’t start out smoothly, with Milwain and Hearty getting together in turn one, with Milwain tagging the turn one wall as Hearty went over the hump into the field. Di Venanzo was also involved, failing to avoid as he got into the turn one wall.

The second attempt to start the event went off with John Baker Jr. leading ahead of Balson, as Chenoweth and DiBello ran side-by-side for third. DiBello got the spot on Lap 2, with Harper moving into fourth a lap later ahead of Chenoweth and Horner.

Balson would then get alongside Baker Jr. for the lead on Lap 4, with the caution coming out three laps later for Emms spinning Tolton off turn four. With 46 laps to go, Balson led Baker Jr., DiBello, Harper, Chenoweth, Horner, McLean, Gignac, Strawn, Elliott, Stevenson, Reinhart, Keen, Cornell, Franks, Warnes, Emms, Barberstock, Wilson, and Tolton.

Balson got a good restart ahead of Baker Jr. and Harper, with Chenoweth and DiBello side-by-side for fourth on Lap 9, with Reinhart tagging Elliott mid-pack a lap later. Chenoweth moved into fourth on Lap 11 with Strawn up to fifth ahead of Stevenson, Horner, DiBello, Gignac, McLean, Cornell, and Keen. Harper would then get alongside Baker for second on Lap 14, taking the spot one lap later. Behind them, McLean made his way by Gignac for ninth at Lap 17.

Keen ran 11th ahead of Cornell, Reinhart, Emms, Tolton, Elliott, Warnes, Franks, Barberstock, and Wilson. The third caution then came out at Lap 23 for Horner spinning, collecting McLean and Gignac in the process. With 28 laps to go, Balson led Harper, Baker Jr., Chenoweth, Strawn, Stevenson, Keen, Cornell, Reinhart, Emms, Tolton, Elliott, Horner, Gignac, Wilson, Franks, Barberstock, and Warnes.

The attempt at a restart did not fly, courtesy of a jump by Harper. The second attempt produced the fifth caution with Stevenson spinning courtesy of Keen. The third attempt would see Reinhart spin Cornell, collecting Gignac in the process. The new running order saw Balson leading Harper, Baker Jr., Chenoweth, Strawn, Emms, Tolton, Elliott, Horner, Gignac, DiBello, Barberstock, Warnes, Keen, Stevenson, Wilson, Cornell, Reinhart, and Franks.

The fourth attempt worked with Balson leading Harper and Baker, as Strawn moved up into fourth ahead of Horner, Chenoweth, DiBello, Tolton, Emms, Gignac, Warnes, and Cornell. Emms would then get by Tolton to move into eighth on Lap 28, bringing Gignac through with him. Horner also continued his way back to the front, passing Strawn for fourth two laps later.

The seventh caution then came out on Lap 32 for Stevenson spinning on the backstretch, courtesy of Cornell. The first attempt at a restart saw another yellow flag for debris, as Harper slowed with a flat tire. He would head down pit road, changing it and rejoining the tail of the field.

Balson got a good restart as Horner moved into second ahead of Baker, Strawn, Chenoweth, and Emms. Chenoweth would get by Strawn for fourth on Lap 36, with Emms following him through. DiBello would get alongside Strawn for sixth, shoving him up the track off of turn four. The contact did both drivers no favors, as Strawn made significant contact with the frontstretch wall. Notably, Stevenson and Tolton caught a piece of the wreck in the process.

Due to hitting the time limit, single-file restarts would be the call for the rest of the event. The first attempt didn’t work, as Harper tried to jump from deep in the field to fifth on the outside before even getting through turn four.

The second attempt went clean with Kelly Balson scoring the victory, as Cory Horner finished second to clinch the 2018 OSCAAR Modified Championship. John Baker Jr. finished third, followed by Shawn Chenoweth, A.J. Emms, Luke Gignac, Robert Warnes, Gary Elliott, Jase Cornell, and John Harper. Dale Reinhart finished 11th, followed by Tim Tolton, Bob Franks, Willow Barberstock, Wally Wilson, Brad Stevenson, Jason Keen, Chad Strawn, Anthony DiBello, Gary McLean, Mike Hearty, Tyler Di Venanzo, and Chris Milwain. Craig Scott and Randy Hollingsworth failed to take the green flag.

By Ashley McCubbin

Riddell and Hawn Split Features, as Hawn Crowned Pro Sprint Champion

OSCAAR Pro Sprint Champion Dan Hawn

The theme of Jaden Riddell and Daniel Hawn splitting features continued at the Autumn Colours Classic, as each of them scored a win each at Peterborough Speedway.

Bill Hetherton started the first feature on pole ahead of Kevin Taylor, Rob Summers, Shawn Stanley, Ryan Battilana, James Stanley, Jaden Riddell, and Daniel Hawn.

Kevin Taylor grabbed the early advantage on Lap 1 ahead of Norman Newman, with Riddell alongside Summers for third. Norman Newman jumped out to the lead two laps later, with Riddell on toe ahead of Taylor and Summers, as Hawn got alongside Battliana for fifth. Jaden Riddell would take the lead on Lap 4 ahead of Newman and Taylor, with Hawn passing Taylor a lap later.

Summers would get alongside Taylor for fourth on Lap 6, taking the spot a lap later, bringing Battilana and James Stanley through with him. Taylor now ran seventh ahead of Shawn Stanley, Triska, and Hetherton. The shuffling continued, with both Battilana and James Stanley getting by Summers on Lap 9.

Jaden Riddell would take the checkered flag, with Daniel Hawn getting second after passing Norman Newman just past halfway. Ryan Battilana finished fourth, followed by James Stanley, Rob Summers, Shawn Stanley, Kevin Taylor, Gary Triska, and Bill Hetherton.

For the second feature, Norman Newman started pole ahead of Daniel Hawn, Ryan Battilana, James Stanley, Rob Summers, Shawn Stanley, Gary Triska, Bill Hetherton, and Tyler Cullen.

Daniel Hawn jumped out to the early lead on Lap 1 ahead of Battilana and Newman, but the caution came out a lap later for Riddell spinning in turn four. As the yellow flag came out, Newman would do a 360 spin in turn two. With 19 laps to go, Hawn led Battilana, Newman, James Stanley, Summers, Triska, Shawn Stanley, Hetherton, and Riddell.

Hawn got a good restart ahead of Battilana, Newman and James Stanley, with Riddell alongside Triska for fifth. Riddell got the spot, followed by passing Stanley on Lap 5 to move into fourth. Triska ran sixth ahead of Summers, Shawn Stanley, and Hetherton. Riddell continued to move forward, taking the third spot from Newman on Lap 7, with Summers passing Triska for sixth a lap later.

Riddell was able to track down Battilana for second, taking the spot with eight laps to go, while James Stanley passed Newman for fourth with five laps to go.

Daniel Hawn scored the win ahead of Jaden Riddell, Ryan Battilana, James Stanley, Norman Newman, Rob Summers, Gary Triska, Shawn Stanley, Bill Hetherton, and Tyler Cullen.

By Ashley McCubbin

OSCAAR Modified Autumn Colours Classic Preview

OSCAAR Modifieds at Peterborough Speedway ACCThis weekend, the OSCAAR modifieds will take to Peterborough Speedway for their final race of the 2018 campaign. The event provides the perfect opportunity for someone to cement themselves in racing history, while a new champion is crowned.

Following a season of racing, Cory Horner will enter this weekend with a nine-point advantage over John Harper, making every lap count through qualifying and the 50-lap feature.

Cory Horner has been consistent this season, actually currently holding a streak of 21 straight top-10 finishes dating back to October 2016. Notably, he has yet to place outside of the top-eight this season. in his eight previous events at Peterborough, he has only placed outside of the top-seven once, highlighted by a victory this past August.

John Harper will be looking for his second straight victory after picking up the win at Flamboro Speedway for his third of the season. He has also been consistent this season, with only one finish outside of the top-four. He knows how to run well at Peterborough, including a track-best fourth on two occasions.

Dale Reinhart has been solid on a weekly basis, and enters this weekend on the heels of six top-five in the last seven races. He scored a fourth-place finish in the August event at Peterborough.

Gary Elliott will be looking for his second straight top-10 following a eighth-place finish at Flamboro. In his nine previous races at Peterborough, he has posted nine top-10’s with a track-best of fourth.

Jason Keen hopes to score his fifth straight top-10 after finishing 11th in the August event at Peterborough.

Jeff Showler enters this weekend hoping to get back into the top-10 following a rough outing at Flamboro. He finished on the podium at Peterborough in August with a third.

Jase Cornell will hope to score his 12th career top-10 as he enters this weekend on the heels of a ninth-place finish at Flamboro. He’s been solid at Peterborough previously, scoring a ninth-place finish the past two years in August.

Luke Gignac enters this weekend on the heels of seven straight top-six finishes after making his return to the series. He has proven to be fast at Peterborough previously, winning the Chase for the Colors in August 2017, to go along with a third and sixth in the following races.

Wally Wilson will look to shake the bad luck that has plagued his team thus far this season. His best previous finish at Peterborough was 12th in last year’s Autumn Colours Classic.

A.J. Emms enters this weekend looking for his sixth top-five of the season following a third-place finish at Flamboro. He’s done well at Peterborough in the past, scoring five top-fives in seven starts, including a victory in the 2016 edition of the Autumn Colours Classic.

Gary McLean will be looking to score his fifth feature win of the season, after winning last year’s Autumn Colours Classic.

Mike Hearty will make the trip from Sault St. Marie, hoping to score his sixth top-10 of 2018 following a 13th-place finish at Sunset Speedway. He finished sixth in last year’s edition of the Autumn Colours Classic.

Duane Cinnamon will hope to have a smooth day at Peterborough after the team scored an 11th-place finish at Sunset Speedway with Miles Tyson behind the wheel. Notably, the summer appearance for OSCAAR at Peterborough did not go as well with a 14th-place finish.

Tyler Di Venanzo will look to keep building experience with his sixth series start of the season, following a career-best 12th thus far this year.

Chris Milwain will hope to turn thing around following an 18th-place finish at Flamboro. Notably, he has scored four top-fives this season.

Kelly Balson knows what it takes to win at Peterborough in both a late model and a super late model. He will try to do the same now in the modified, which would be a nice turnaround after failing to finish in the top-10 in his last three series starts.

Chad Strawn will make his sixth start of the season, hoping to repeat or better his season-best third at Sunset Speedway on Canada Day weekend.

Mark Gordon will hope to score his first top-10 of the season after struggling in his four previous series starts this seaon.

Anthony DiBello will be hope to repeat or better his season-best third-place finish from Kawartha Speedway after scoring a 20th-place finish at Peterborough in August.

Bob Franks scored his first career OSCAAR top-10 with a 10th at Peterborough in August, and will be looking to do the same this weekend.

Melissa Bullen will attempt to make the show this weekend once again, after just failing to qualify for the main event at Sunset Speedway.

Shawn Chenoweth has made two series starts to date, getting better in each attempt with a seventh and sixth in the two races.

Jeff Scott will be driving the No. 69x this weekend, rather than Craig Scott. The team hasn’t had the best of luck to date in OSCAAR with a 17th-place finish in their lone feature start thus far this season, and failing to qualify at Sunset Speedway.

John Baker Jr. will be making his second start of the season following a 12th-place finish at Kawartha Speedway in June. You shouldn’t count him out, though, as he is a previous Autumn Colours Classic Champion.

Tim Tolton will be making his first series start of the season after finishing off the 2017 campaign with back-to-back top-10 finishes, including a seventh at Peterborough Speedway.

Brad Stevenson will be making his first series start of the year, after making a pair of starts in 2017. He showed speed then, winning a pair of heats, despite failing to finish in the top-10 in both events.

The full itinerary and prices can be found on the Peterborough Speedway website at

By: Ashley McCubbin

John Harper Picks Up OSCAAR Modified Frostoberfest Feature Victory

OSCAAR Modifieds Top Three at Flamboro Speedway

The magic for John Harper continues at Flamboro Speedway as he won the OSCAAR Modified Frostoberfest feature on Saturday night.

John Harper won the first heat ahead of Cory Horner, Jason Keen, Jason Bowden, Luke Gignac, Kelly Balson, Dan Price, Marshall Schrenk, and Tyler Di Venanzo.

Chris Milwain won the second heat ahead of A.J. Emms, Jase Cornell, Dale Reinhart, Jeff Showler, Gary Elliott, Shawn Chenoweth, David Balych, and Wally Wilson.

Kelly Balson won the third heat ahead of Elliott, Reinhart, Keen, Harper, Price, Cornell, Showler, and Di Venanzo.

Shawn Chenoweth won the fourth heat ahead of Gignac, Emms, Bowden, Horner, Milwain, Schrenk, Balych, and Wilson.

Come feature time, John Harper started pole ahead of Dale Reinhart, Cory Horner, Kelly Balson, Luke Gignac, A.J. Emms, Chris Milwain, Jason Keen, Jason Bowden, Shawn Chenoweth, Gary Elliott, Jase Cornell, Jeff Showler, Dan Price, David Balych, Wally Wilson, Marshall Schrenk, and Tyler Di Venanzo.

John Harper jumped out to the early lead ahead of Reinhart and Horner, but the caution would come out on the opening lap for Showler going around on the backstretch. Harper would get a good restart ahead of Reinhart, with Balson alongside Horner for third. Horner would get the spot, with Gignac getting alongside Balson for fourth, however the second caution came out on Lap 3 when Cornell would go around in turn two; Elliott was deemed an involved car.

Harper got another good restart ahead of Reinhart, with Horner and Balson once again side-by-side for third. Horner took the third spot on Lap 5 ahead of Gignac, with Chenoweth moving into fifth a lap later ahead of Emms and Keen. Balson now ran eighth ahead of Price, Bowden, Schrenk, and Cornell. Cornell would take the 11th spot on Lap 11, bringing Milwain and Elliott through with him to bump Schrenk back to 14th ahead of Balcyh, Di Venanzo and Wilson.

The race would take a strung out approach through the middle portion, with nothing happening except for Milwain heading off the track with a problem on Lap 37. Chenoweth would catch Gignac for fourth, looking for a way by five straight laps. He wouldn’t be able to make it happen, though, as the pair made contact on Lap 41, causing Gignac to go around for the third caution. With 10 laps to go, Harper led Reinhart, Horner, Emms, Gignac, Balson, Price, Bowden, Gignac, Chenoweth, Cornell, Elliott, Schrenk, Balych, and Di Venanzo.

The restart brought out the fourth caution as both Price and Balson went around in turn two. The second attempt was clean, with Harper getting a good restart ahead of Reinhart and Horner, as Emms and Keen battled for fourth. Horner would move into second ahead of Keen and Emms on Lap 44, when the caution would come out for Bowden going around on the backstretch.

Harper got a good restart ahead of Horner and Keen, with Emms getting alongside Keen for third with five laps to go. He would complete the pass a lap later, as Gignac moved back up into fifth ahead of Reinhart, Price and Elliott. Elliott would fall back in the final laps, being passed by Bowden, Schrenk, and Cornell as the field came to get the white flag. The last lap would then have a piece of drama, too, with Bowden spinning Price in turn two.

John Harper got the win ahead of Cory Horner, A.J. Emms, Jason Keen, Luke Gignac, Shawn Chenoweth, Dale Reinhart, Gary Elliott, Jase Cornell, Dan Price, Jason Bowden, Marshall Schrenk, David Balych, Tyler Di Venanzo, Kelly Balson, Chris Milwain, Wally Wilson, and Jeff Showler.

By Ashley McCubbin

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