Midas of Orangeville Tackle Peterborough Speedway

Feature Top 3, #84 Richard Woodland, #18 Paul Draganac, #57 James Stanley

Peterborough Speedway is known throughout Ontario as the “toughest 1/3 mile oval” and it lived up to its reputation Saturday night. A field of 24 Midget teams signed in to battle for starting with the qualifying heats.

Twelve cars would make up each of the 10 lap heat races. The #18 of Paul Draganac would pick celebrate in victory lane in heat 1 and 4 making the #18 the top qualifier of the night. Other drivers picking up a heat win was the #77 of James Rodgers and the #37 of Steve Lassman. With Paul drawing an invert of 8 the 25 lap feature would have the Rookie of The Year contender #5 Jody Bound and the #42 of Brian MacDonald lead the field to green.

From the drop of the green flag the action was nonstop as drivers jockeyed for position throughout the field. A lap 12 restart would see the biggest accident of the night. Several top cars were taken out of contention with damage. With thirteen laps remaining to be run it was the #48 of Brian Woodland and the #84 of Richard Woodland that would put the show on at the front of the field. The two ran side by side for lap after lap. The two cars crossed the line to take the white flag in a dead heat only to see the # 48 of Brian Woodland getting loose coming out of two and spin down the back stretch handing the win to the #84 of Richard Woodland. #18 of Paul Draganac came very close to a perfect night with a second place finish. Behind these two another battle was being waged between the #42 of Brian MacDonald and the #57 of James Stanley with the #57 beating MacDonald by a matter of inches at the line. Brian Woodland would recover from the spin to round out the top five.

Six Rookies got their first racing laps at Peterborough Speedway with the #13 of Craig Deacon besting all his fellow rookies with a seventh place finish.

The points leader #83 Jamie Bound was absent from this weekends event and with the feature win #84 of Richard Woodland finds himself sitting atop the standing heading into next weeks’ event at Flamboro Speedway.

Klotz Oil and Lubricants Prize winners where the #13 Craig Deacon, #85 Rob Summers, #86 Raynor Vickors and #28 Bob Ross

A total of thirty three different teams have earned points so far in 2015, and fans can expect to see more of the close competition as the season continues.

The next event will be at Flamboro Speedway on May 30th where the Midas of Orangeville Midgets will be joined by The Hoosier OSCAAR Mods and the Dickies Outlaws presented by London Recreational Racing. There is a rain date of May 31st if needed.

Midas of Orangeville Feature Finish: 1st #84 Richard Woodland, 2nd #18 of Paul Draganac, 3rd #57 James Stanley, 4th #42 Brian MacDonald, 5th #48 Brian Woodlands, 6th #17 Mike McLaughlin, 7th #13 Craig Deacon, 8th #85 Rob Summers, 9th #26 Katherine Summers, 10th #8 Larry Lawson. 11th #75 Shawn Stanley, 12th #37 Steve Lassman, 13th #71 Wayne McKibbon, 14th #9 Shawn Gardner, 15th #86 Raynor Vickors, 16th #5 Jody Bound, 17th #69 Wally Wilson, 18th #24 Ryan Brown, 19th #62 Rob McColl, 20th #2 Jessica James, 21st #77 James Rodgers, 22nd #3 Lorne Van Dusen, 23rd #28 Bod Ross, 24th #51x James Stone DNS

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MIDAS of Orangeville OSCAAR Midgets Series heading to Peterborough Speedway

Midas_logoAfter a very successful opening event at Velocity Weekend at Sunset Speedway, the OSCAAR Midget teams are preparing for Peterborough Speedway this coming Saturday. The opening event say 30 Midget teams sign in for the event. With a few teams still putting the last minute touches on their cars, fans can expect to see close to 35 Midas of Orangville Midgets in attendance this weekend.
Jamie Bound and his #83 machine has shown the competition that he is ready to defend his championship in 2015. By virtue of his feature win Jamie holds a slim 6 point lead over his brother Jody Bound in the #5 machine. #97 Robin McLean, #68 Adam Carrothers are third and fourth in the 2015 chase. #42 Brian McDonald, #84 Brian and #48 Richard Woodland are all tied for fifth place in the 2015 points race heading into this weekend.
Peterborough Speedway always provides some of the best short track racing in the province, and the midgets are ready to show the fans some great two and three wide racing action this weekend.
The complete schedule of events can be found at www.peterboroughspeedway.com. The pit gates will open at 3:00pm with main grandstand at 5:00pm with the first green flag of the evening at 6:00pm
The Midas of Orangville OSCAAR Midgets look forward to seeing all the great racing fans this weekend!

Hoosier Modifieds Treat the Fans to a Great Day of Racing

Race 1, 2015 611
As the Hoosier Modifieds enter their fourth season, if Saturday nights feature is any indication about the competition in 2015, fans are in for a great season. A strong field of 17 modifieds signed in to do battle. Unfortunately one team night would end early as the #19 of Dean Scott season would start with engine problems sidelining the team for the night. In the off season Dean and his team made plans to chase the championship. Although this set back has the team fighting an uphill battle now, look for Dean to be ready for the next event at Flamboro Speedway. The four qualifying heats saw the wins split evenly amongst the Rookies and the Veterans. #21 Chris Milwain and #79h of Cory Horner, both picked up their first career OSCAAR checker flag in heat race action. Veterans #77 Chad Strawn and #36 of Gary Elliott also picked up wins in the 10 lap heat race action. The start of the feature would see #20 of Rookie Mike Hearty starting on pole with Strawn starting second. When the green flag waved it was the #20 of Hearty getting sideways and stacking the field but all continued going. The #39 of Shane Stickle was strong in his heat races and quickly took over the lead on lap 2 of the feature event. From that point on it was a classic side by side , wheel to wheel battle between the #39 of Stickle and 3 time defending champion of #8 Gary McLean. Although the #8 of McLean is credited with leading from lap 12 to the finish, it was a fierce battle to the end. The highest placing rookie of the race was the #79h of Cory Horner, who recorded his best OSCAAR finish with a third place finish. Rounding out the top 5 in the feature where the #77 of Strawn and the #36 of Elliott. The Hoosier Modifieds next event will be Saturday May 30th at Flamboro Speedway for another 30 lap feature event.

Hoosier Modified Feature Finish: 1st #8 Gary McLean, 2nd #39 Shane Stickle, 3rd #79h Cory Horner, 4th #77 Chad Strawn, 5th #36 Gary Elliott, 6th #47 Brian McLean, 7th #12 David Balych, 8th #20 Mike Hearty, 9th#88 Ryan Dick, 10th #99 AJ Emms, 11th #88r Tommy Robb, 12th #63 John Baker Jr, 13th #09 Dan Price, 14th #65 Bill Burrows, 15th #13eh Mark Saul, 16th #21 Chris Milwain, #19 Dean Scott dns
Inside Track Motorsports News Hard Charger points: 1st #47 Brian McLean 10pts, 2nd #12 David Balych 9pts, 3rd #88r Tommy Robb 8pts, 4th #79h Cory Horner 7 pts, 5th # 39 Shane Stickle 6pts
Hoosier Tire Award: Random Position 12th in feature (picked by Donna) $50.00 gift certificate #63 John Baker jr

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Midas of Orangeville Midgets Thrill the fans at Velocity Weekend

Race 1, 2015 562The first race of the 2015 season for the Midas of Orangeville saw thirty teams sign in to start their chase for the championship. With one of the largest car counts in Ontario all midget drivers know that they have to be on the “A” in order to make the 24 car starting field main event. With six heat races on tap the fans were treated to some great side by side, sometimes three wide action from the midget drivers. The season would start with the #18 of Paul Draganac picking up the win in heat #1. Heat #2 would find defending champion #83 Jamie Bound taking the win, with his brother Jody Bound in the #5 taking the win in heat #3. Brian McDonald in the #42 would get his first checker flag of the season in heat race #4. Jody Bound and Paul Draganac would pick up their second win of the night in heat race 5 and 6.
The #97 of Robin McLean and the #68 of Adam Carrothers would lead the field of 24 to the green flag for their 25 lap feature event. Right from the start the action was fast and furious as everyone was wasting no time to get to the front. The #83 of Jamie Bound showed he was the man to beat and it only took him two laps to move up from his second starting spot to the lead. A few cautions slowed the pace of the feature giving teams a chance to make the move on the #83 but bound was not to be denied and went on to claim the first ever Midas of Orangville Midget feature event. It was a family affair at the front of the field as #5 Jody Bound would place second, followed by the pole sitter #97 of Robin McLean. Rounding out the top 5 where #48 Brian Woodland and #68 Adam Carrothers.
The final race of the evening was the 6 lap non qualifier feature for the midgets. The five cars put on a great show with Rookie Bob Ross taking the win, over Raynor Vickers and Ryan Brown.
The Midas of Orangeville Midgets will back in action this Saturday night at Peterborough Speedway. If you had not had a chance to see the midgets in action, you need to make plans to be at Peterborough this weekend.
Midas of Orangeville Feature Finish: 1st #83 Jamie Bound, 2nd #5 Jody Bound, 3rd #97 Robin McLean, 4th #48 Brian Woodland, 5th #48 Adam Carrothers, 6th #84 Richard Woodland, 7th #42 Brian McDonald, 8th #53 David Bradley, 9th #37 Steve Lassman, 10th#51 Shawn Stones, 11th #69 Wally Wilson, 12th #62 Rob McCall, 13th #17 Mike McLaughlin, 14th #57 James Stanley, 15th #77 James Rodgers, 16th #26 Katherine Summers, 17th #18 Paul Draganac, 18th #3 Lorne Van Dusen, 19th #8 Larry Lawson, 20th #88 Jim Rodgers,21st #55 Cory Whittam, 22nd David Gallinger, #98 Kevin Spiez dns, #9 Shawn Gardner dns
B feature: 1st #28 Bob Ross, 2nd #86 Raynor Vickers, 3rd #24 Ryan Brown, 4th #71 Wayne McKibbon, 5th #13 Craig Deacon #75 Shawn Stanley dns

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