Jeff Hanley Wins First of ’08 At Sunset Speedway

Jeff Hanley led all 50 laps at Sunset Speedway’s Lucas Oil OSCAAR feature race on July 5th. So what does that mean, another trophy for the wall? No, it meant that one very lucky young fan present at the race picked up the trophy, personally delivered by Hanley himself. It was a fitting celebration for a driver who has won many races in his stock car career. His generosity will likely turn that young lady into a life-long racing fan.

For Hanley there was plenty to celebrate in victory lane. It was a long one-year drought from his last win which took place at Sunset on July 7, 2007. So after missing last week’s Flamboro race, this win was a sweet comeback for the 70 team. He also had praise for Sunset Speedway, “Sunset is a good track because it has no traction and is challenging – it makes you work on your car.” said Jeff, “I owe a lot to my wife and the guys for all their help!”

“I also want to thank Bob and Garlene from Raylene Racing Inc for their continued support and thanks to all my sponsors including APX Racewear”, said Jeff. He also explained the additional logo on the 70 car for Sophie’s Run, “My wife Kelly will participate by running 117 km to support the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada. You can visit the website for more information.”

Rob Clarke had another good night bringing home 2nd and increasing his lead in the standings. It was a good run after the tough race at Flamboro and a long week of repairs for the crew. Even before the feature race there was a scramble in the pits to make adjustments. But all the hard work paid off with another podium finish.

“The guys worked real hard to get me out there in time for the feature” said Rob, “For such a slick track we ran a good race. Jeff was fast and while I got close we didn’t have enough for him.” Clarke always gives strong praise for the 49 crew and their excellent work on the car. He also wanted to thank his sponsors: JBM Leasing, London Mechanical Plumbing & Heating and Leitch Engines.

While Clarke didn’t have the car to challenge Hanley, 3rd place TJ Woolsey definitely gave Clarke a run for the money. In what was one of the most exciting battles of the night, the 49 and 88 cars ran 50 laps of close racing. On a couple of occasions Woolsey would make the move to pass, but in the corners Clarke kept his preferred line and protected the spot. Both drivers ran a clean and entertaining race for the fans. Perhaps no fan was as excited as TJ’s dad, Larry Woolsey, who was celebrating his birthday and what better birthday present is there than being a part of another great race for his son!

The third place finish for Woolsey combined with Derrick Tiemersma’s 7th place finish was enough to lift the V&L Transportation 88 team from 4th to 3rd in the standings. Despite a slow start at Kawartha, Woolsey’s recent results put him in a good spot to challenge Clarke for the championship. “We’re coming!” said TJ, “With all the bad luck we had the last two years, it’s great to finally get a good run. We changed the car number from 43 to 88 to help with a fresh start and help change the luck. I even kept the fortune cookie quote I got this week – ‘Something wonderful is about to happen to you’ – I don’t know, maybe I’ll keep that in my pocket for every race!”

Stu Robinson Jr was another driver that had extensive body work to take care of after Flamboro. Hard work by the Stu and the 68 team put a great Outlaw car on to the track at Sunset. The result of 4th was a best finish to date this year and good enough to move him up to 5th in the standings. Rounding out the top five in 5th place was Glenn Watson. The 22 team did some fine work on the Outlaw body and it is hard to believe that the right-side panel is the same one from Flamboro – check the photos from last race and compare to this week. Watson will be looking for a better run at Mosport in hopes of gaining some ground on Clarke in the championship run.

Gary Passer and the 16P team were frustrated with an ill handling car in practice and the first heat race. The team worked hard to find the problem and got the car ready for the 2nd heat race and the feature. Rewarded with a solid 6th place finish, Passer was also awarded the APX Racewear Outlaw Award. It was also good to see Roy Passer and Rudy Oppersma out for their first race of 2008. Making his first ever OSCAAR appearance was the #23 Paul Milligan who is looking forward to making a few more races this year.

Heat race winners were: #7T Jeff Dunford, #49 Rob Clarke, #70 Jeff Hanley and #88 TJ Woolsey.

Race Report by Don McLeod

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Results: Sunset Speedway, July 5, 2008

Feature Race
Finish Car# Driver Points
1 70 Jeff Hanley 300+10
2 49 Rob Clarke 290
3 88 TJ Woolsey 280
4 68 Stu Robinson Jr 270
5 22 Glenn Watson 260
6 16P Gary Passer 250
7 7 Derrick Tiemersma 240
8 83 Ian Bourque 230
9 7T Jeff Dunford 220
10 52 Mark Gordon 210
11 78 Rob Reimer 200
12 52X Roy Passer 190
13 03 Shane Maginnis 180
14 40 Rudy Oppersma 170
15 23 Paul Milligan 160
16 62 Lloyd Ritchie 150
Heat 1 Race
Finish Car# Driver Points
1 7T Jeff Dunford 10
2 70 Jeff Hanley 9
3 7 Derrick Tiemersma 8
4 52X Roy Passer 7
5 78 Rob Reimer 6
6 03 Shane Maginnis 5
7 83 Ian Bourque 4
8 23 Paul Milligan DNS
Heat 2 Race
Finish Car# Driver Points
1 49 Rob Clarke 10
2 68 Stu Robinson Jr 9
3 88 TJ Woolsey 8
4 62 Lloyd Ritchie 7
5 22 Glenn Watson 6
6 52 Mark Gordon 5
7 16P Gary Passer 4
8 40 Rudy Oppersma DNS
Heat 3 Race
Finish Car# Driver Points
1 70 Jeff Hanley 10
2 83 Ian Bourque 9
3 7 Derrick Tiemersma 8
4 7T Jeff Dunford 7
5 03 Shane Maginnis 6
6 52X Roy Passer 5
7 23 Paul Milligan 4
8 78 Rob Reimer 0
Heat 4 Race
Finish Car# Driver Points
1 88 TJ Woolsey 10
2 68 Stu Robinson Jr 9
3 16P Gary Passer 8
4 22 Glenn Watson 7
5 49 Rob Clarke 6
6 52 Mark Gordon 5
7 62 Lloyd Ritchie 4
8 40 Rudy Oppersma 3

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