Duane Cinnamon Looking for a Fun Season in 2015 with the OSCAAR Mods

Like most race drivers and fans it is a lifelong passion for the sport. Duane is no different but before getting behind the wheel for the first time, Duane saw the sport from a different side. Duane first caught the racing bug while working at Westgate Speedway (Peterborough Speedway) selling programs on Saturday night and cleaning up the garbage on Sunday mornings. Duane took some time off for university but returned to work at the speedway for Kim Wallace in the officiating side of things. The first time behind the wheel happened in 2006 at an “arrive and drive” program at Goodwood Kart ways. The next five years would see Duane behind the wheel of a kart and while he never won a championship he was runner up on several occasions. As with all racers Duane was looking for his next challenge and he became part of the Ontario Legends Series and has best finish of 5th overall at the years end. In 2014 Duane made the trip to Auberndale Speedway in Florida , where he was able to run in the top 10. By the end of the 2014 season Duane had purchased his OSCAAR Modified and is excited about the 2015 season.

When sitting back and looking at the racing scene, Duane noticed that the series continued to grow and have success and wanted to be a part of it. He is also quick to note that he loves the looks and the sound of the cars and really couldn’t resist the temptation to own a mod. Another deciding factor was that Duane enjoys the challenges of racing at different tracks each week and being a part of the big shows like Velocity and Autumn Colours weekends, this was something that the Legend Series could not offer.

With the race season getting every closer, Duane knows getting the car ready will be his first challenge. He also knows that he faces an uphill battle early as his knowledge of these cars is very limited. Duane is confident that he can learn as he goes, and is looking forward to the experience. Duane states” this is how I started in Legends so I am prepared to do the same in the mod”. Besides I have the best crew chief out there Christine Cinnamon at the track with me each week.duane 1

Duane and his team have a good attitude when asked about success “if I can load my car in one piece at the end of the night and still be smiling then we have had success”. The future racing plans are not laid in stone, but Duane is hoping to be racing for many years to come and will always be on the lookout for the next challenge!

OSCAAR would like to welcome Duane and his team to the series and with them the best of success in 2015!

OSCAAR Racing is presented to race fans throughout Ontario with the help of several dedicated sponsors, including: Gallinger Ford, Knightworks Design, Klotz Synthetics Canada, Hoosier Tire Canada, Finishline Fabricating, JBM Leasing Ltd., Jenco Equipment, North Toronto Auction, Race2way.ca, Reinhart Trailers, South Shore Services

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