John Baker Jr. Scores ACC Victory; Gary McLean Crowned OSCAAR Hoosier Modified Champion

oscaar1After having to go to the rear of the field following a spin, John Baker Jr. made his way back to the front to score the victory in the Autumn Colours Classic at Peterborough
Speedway. Meanwhile, Gary McLean was crowned the 2015 OSCAAR Hoosier Modifieds Champion.

The weekend would start off with a set of heats on Friday, followed by a second set of heats on Saturday to set the field for the 50-lap feature on Sunday.

The first heat on Friday would see Cory Horner get into Gary Elliott on lap two, but Elliott was able to keep it straight with no caution flown. ACC Pole Sitter Gary McLean won the first heat ahead of A.J. Emms, Elliott, Horner, Mike Hearty, Chad Strawn, Terry Baker, David Balych, Alex Lees and Randy Hollingsworth.

The second heat would see Cole McFadden go around in turn four on lap four, followed by Dan Price getting sideways on the restart virtue of contact and going around on the frontstretch. Brian McLean won the heat ahead of John Baker Jr., Brent McLean, John Harper, Dustin Jackson, Duane Cinnamon, Price, Rob Di Venanzo, McFadden and Willow Barberstock.

The third heat, which took place on Saturday, would get messy with contact made on the frontstretch by Cinnamon and Gary McLean on lap two. Then on the backstretch, perhaps with help or perhaps not, McLean would climb the backstretch wall. Following the incident, he would make contact with Cinnamon under caution. McLean already has the pole locked up virtue of winning the Chase for the Colours earlier this year. His crew was able to fix the car before the night was over, with McLean returning to the track for some hot laps.

A second caution would then fly on lap eight for Dean Scott going around in turn two. Chad Strawn picked up the win ahead of Horner, Jackson, Balych, Brian McLean, Emms, Hearty, Cinnamon and Barberstock.

Terry Baker would win the final heat ahead of Harper, Brent McLean, Elliott, Baker Jr., Lees, Hearty, Hollingsworth and Price.

Following qualifying on Friday and Saturday, Gary McLean would start on pole ahead of John Baker Jr., Brian McLean, Gary Elliott, Cory Horner, Chad Strawn, John Harper and A.J. Emms.

The first lap, things wouldn’t go smoothly as contact between Baker Jr. and Brian McLean would result in both drivers spinning, and a bunch of other drivers suffering damage. Among those suffering damage would be Horner, Harper, Terry Baker, Duane Cinnamon, Randy Hollingsworth, Alex Lees, Rob Di Venanzo, Cole McFadden and Willow Barberstock. Notably, most of the drivers would be able to continue without any issues.

The second attempt at starting the race would go smoother with Gary McLean and Elliott side-by-side for the lead. McLean would then put the No. 8 McLean Industrial Design and Fabrication Ltd./McLean Farms Modified out front on lap two ahead of Horner as Harper and Elliott ran side-by-side for third. Harper would get the spot on lap three, with Strawn following through for fourth on lap five. Terry Baker would then move into fifth on lap six ahead of Elliott, Jackson, McFadden, Brent McLean and David Balych.

Barberstock would head down pit road at lap seven while Balych got alongside Brent McLean for ninth at lap eight. McLean would be able to keep the spot, with Baker Jr. moving into 10th at lap nine. Emms would then get by Balych to move up into 11th a lap later.

Meanwhile, just outside of the top-10, Brian McLean ran 13th ahead of Di Venanzo and Price as Cinnamon and Dean Scott battled for 16th. Price would then get by Di Venanzo for 14th at lap 12, while Cinnamon cleared Scott for 16th.

Further up the field, Jackson would get by Elliott to move up into sixth on lap 16. Hearty would then follow suit to move into seventh a lap later ahead of Elliott, Brent McLean, Baker Jr., Emms, Balych and Brian McLean. Unfortunately, Scott would run into problems at lap 21, heading down pit road.

At the front of the field, Gary McLean continued to lead ahead of Horner, Harper, Baker, Strawn and Jackson. Cinanmon would then head down pit road at lap 24 while Jackson passed Strawn to move up to fifth. Strawn now ran sixth ahead of Hearty, Brent McLean, Baker Jr., Elliott, Emms, Brian McLean, Balych and Price.

Gary McLean would continue to stretch his lead, getting into lap traffic. As he went to put Balych a lap down, there would be contact made going into turn three, resulting in McLean going up into the turn three wall. As a result, McLean would be done for the night.

With 21 laps to go, Cory Horner now led behind the wheel of the No. 79H Custom Forming, The Truck Shop Safety Inspection, Bonsma Brothers Concrete Pumping Modified ahead of Harper, Baker, Jackson, Hearty, Strawn, Baker Jr., Emms, Balcyh, Brent McLean and Elliott.

The restart would see a battle for the lead between Horner and Harper, with Horner grabbing the advantage on lap 33 ahead of Harper. Horner would then get loose on lap 34, though, handing the advantage to John Harper behind the wheel of the No. 79 Transaxle Parts, Briar Dri-wall and Grisdale Race Products Modified. Meanwhile, Strawn would drop back a bunch of spots following contact that caused him to slide up the track.

Baker would then slip into second with Horner battling Jackson for third. Horner would be able to hold off Jackson, with Baker Jr., getting alongside Jackson for fourth at lap 37. Baker Jr. would then get the spot at lap 39, followed by a move by Horner to get into third.

Jackson would then get by Horner at lap 40, with Hearty following suit. The caution would then fly, though, as Hearty would spin Jackson in turn four. With 11 laps to go, Harper led Baker, Baker Jr., Brent McLean, Horner, Emms, Balych, Brian McLean, Strawn and Elliott.

The first attempt at a restart would see Baker get into the wall in turns one and two. The second attempt would go cleaner, with Harper sliding around a little, falling back through the field, which gave the lead to John Baker Jr. The caution would then fly with six laps to go for Brian McLean spinning on the fronttretch while Elliott spun on the backstretch.

John Baker Jr. would get a good final restart to pick up the win behind the wheel of the No. 63 The Marksmen Club, John Baker’s Auto, Oshawa Hearing Aid Clinic, Fetheringham Bookkeeping, Ray’s World of Vending, Ajax Muffler & Automotive Modified ahead of Cory Horner, John Baker Jr., A.J. Emms, John Harper, Chad Strawn, David Balych, Mike Hearty, Dustin Jackson, Elliott, Dan Price and Rob Di Venanzo.

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