Dan Archibald Scores OSCAAR Hot Rod Victory at Sunset Speedway

OSCAAR Hot Rod Top Three at Sunset Speedway

The magic continues for Dan Archibald as he scored the victory in the OSCAAR Hot Rod feature on Sunday at Sunset Speedway.

Jeremy McLean won the first heat ahead of Kenny McNicol, Adam Misener, Paul Senior, Nick Clarke, Steve Book, and Derek Henderson. Notably, the heat didn’t start off well with an incident on Lap 1 in the first turn involving Book and Henderson.

Dan Archibald won the second heat ahead of Tyler Hawn, Cole Weber, Brad Martin, Adrian Foster, and Douglas Fischer. Unfortunately, Fischer ran into a mechanical issue with the transmission coming up through the floor of the car.

Cole Weber won the third heat ahead of Misener and Henderson.

Tyler Hawn won the fourth heat ahead of Archibald, McLean, Book, McNicol, and Martin.

Come feature time, Kenny McNicol led the field to green ahead of Tyler Hawn, Dan Archibald, Cole Weber, Jeremy McLean, Adam Misener, Adrian Foster, Derek Henderson, Nick Clarke, Brad Martin, Steve Book, Paul Senior, Jerry Broom, Art Rodgers, Douglas Fischer, and the 4.

Tyler Hawn grabbed the initial advantage ahead of Archibald and Weber, with Archibald getting alongside Hawn for the lead on Lap 2. Archibald would take the lead one lap later ahead of Hawn, Weber, McNicol, Misener, Foster, McLean, Martin, and Book. Martin would get alongside McLean for seventh on Lap 6, with Foster alongside Misener for fifth a lap later. Misener held off the challenge, though, keeping Foster behind him as Martin moved into seventh on Lap 8 ahead of Book, McLean, and Henderson. Clarke would then get by Henderson on Lap 10 to take over ninth, bringing Broom through with him.

The battle for fifth got interesting on Lap 12 with Foster and Misener trading a bit of contact, as Misener held onto the spot ahead of Foster, Martin, Book, McLean, and Clarke. Clarke would get alongside McLean for seventh at Lap 15, with Martin alongside Foster a lap later for sixth. Martin moved into sixth on Lap 17, with Book challenging Foster for seventh as Clarke took eighth, bringing Broom through with him to bump McLean back to 10th. Behind them, Fischer ran 11th ahead of the 4 and Henderson. Book moved into seventh on Lap 20 ahead of Foster, with Martin challenging McNicol for fourth a lap later. McNicol would hold off the challenge, though, keeping the spot as the laps ticked down.

The race’s lone caution would fly with five laps to go as Hawn went for the spin off of turn four while running in the runner-up position. With five laps to go, Archibald led Weber, McNicol, Martin, Misener, Book, Foster, and Hawn, as Broom got the lucky dog. Clarke ran 10th as the first car one lap down ahead of Fischer, McLean, the 4, and Henderson.

Archibald got a good restart ahead of Weber, as Martin and McNicol battled for third. Martin got the spot on Lap 26, with Book challenging McNicol for fourth. The pair would make contact with three laps to go, allowing Book to get the fourth spot ahead of Foster, Hawn, and McNicol.

Dan Archibald got the win ahead of Cole Weber, Brad Martin, Steve Book, Kenny McNicol, Adam Misener, Tyler Hawn, and Jeremy Broom. Adrian Foster spun on the last lap, handing him a ninth-place finish ahead of Nick Clarke, Douglas Fischer, Jeremy McLean, the 4, and Derek Henderson.

B Ashley McCubbin

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