Welcome to OSCAAR

Are you new to OSCAAR? We invite you to attend our races and enjoy the excitement of the Outlaws in action. The Ontario Stock Car Association of Asphalt Racers (OSCAAR) features the OSCAAR Outlaw Super Late Models, Open Wheeled Modifieds and OSCAAR Midgets, Ontario’s premier stock car racing series.

The Outlaw Super Late Model Outlaws have a unique body style and can boast the greatest horsepower of any Ontario stock car division. The unique Outlaw body style features a hood and nose combination which slopes to the ground on a steep angle, rear side panels which are flat and an alternative roof style. There is also allowance in the series for a larger spoiler at the back. Inside the car the chassis is offset to the left or drivers side which allows for better cornering on the oval tracks. The engine department has rules but the bottom line is that these Outlaw cars carry a lot of horsepower. The overall result is plenty of action and excitement on the track!

Perhaps the oldest form of racing in Ontario is the Modifieds and OSCAAR is proud to carry on the tradition. The excitement of open wheel racing keeps fans on the edge of their seats until the checkered flag falls. The OSCAAR Modifieds are the fastest open wheel cars in the province and is where the future racing stars hone their craft. With 450 hp of ground pounding excitement on the short tracks of Ontario, the OSCAAR Modifieds is the series you don’t want to miss. 

The OSCAAR Midget cars are 1/4 scale Sprint style cars, that are powered by 440CC snowmobile engines. With modifications allowed, we see approximately 85 horsepower, on a car that weighs about 450 LBS. Being one inch off the ground, these cars have been clocked at almost 100 MPH at some of  the larger tracks we visit.

Visit any of the participating tracks on OSCAAR night for the best racing action around! Check out the schedule for details on your next race. Hold on to your seat: let’s go racing!


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