Bricknell #69

#69 Mike Bricknell

Hometown: Ajax
Occupation: Automotive Remarketing Advisor
Favorite Tracks: Peterborough Speedway
Racing Hero: Ted Hogan
Favorite OSCAAR Competitor: All of them
Racing Comments: For my team to be competitive at every event and to enjoy the racing families.
Why have you picked OSCAAR for your racing career? Love the speed and being with the OSCAAR family.


  • Dickson Printing, Ajax
  • Grosnor Distribution
  • Sherrer Sheet Metal, Orono
  • Dave Taylor Racing
  • Cunningham Engines

Car Owner

  • Mike Bricknell


  • Tom White
  • Andy Townson
  • Jason Clarke
  • Dave Taylor
  • Dale (Homer)
  • Cara and Edna

Radio Frequency

  • 461.1350

Racing History

  • 1978 – Westgate Speedway, Street Stock Championship
  • 1988 – Peterborough Speedway Late Model Championship
  • 1998 – OSCAAR Championship
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