Jones #82

#82 Corey Jones

Hometown:  Shakespeare
Occupation:  HVAC Mechanic
Favorite Tracks:  Sunset, Mosport Oval
Racing Hero:  Jeff Gordon
Favorite OSCAAR Competitor:  Shane Gowan
Racing Comments:  Never give up.
Why have you picked OSCAAR for your racing career?  Best of the best.


  • RBC
  • Remax-Troy Schmidt, Lyndia Miu
  • Accountable Automotive
  • Lafleche Roofing
  • Anmar Cleaning Inc.
  • Octane Productions
  • Innotech Machine Shop

Car Owner

  • Corey Jones


  • Matt
  • Kyle
  • Melissa

Radio Frequency

  • TBA

Racing History

  • Waterloo Regional Kart Club 2005-2009
  • Canadian Vintage Modifieds 2010-2013
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