Wilson #71

#71 Doug Wilson

Hometown:  Owen Sound
Occupation:  Gas Technition
Favorite Tracks:  Sunset, Winchester
Racing Hero:  Don Biederman, Richard Petty
Favorite OSCAAR Competitor:  Glenn Watson, Rob Clarke
Racing Comments:  Outlaw Racing-too much fun to be legal. Put it to the front
Why have you picked OSCAAR for your racing career?  OSCAAR is the best class in Canada!


  • Owen Sound Ledgerock
  • Wellington Motors/Dodge
  • Absalute Automotive
  • Ken Philp Heating
  • Barnard’s Truck Service

Car Owner

  • Doug Wilson


  • Brad Henry
  • Zach Sprung

Radio Frequency

  • TBA

Racing History

  • Modifieds 1990
  • Late Model 1991-2011
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