Misener Ready for OSCAAR Hot Rod Series Launch

When the OSCAAR Hot Rods takes the green flag for their inaugural event at Full Throttle Motor Speedway, Adam Misener will be one of the drivers in the field behind the wheel of his 1964 Impala. After all, he’s been on board with the series since the original announcement.

“I am excited about starting this season,” he said. “It is the first opportunity in three years to be able to commit to a full season in any series. I am looking forward to points racing again, and racing regularly with old friends from the Barrie Speedway days.”

Misener was attracted to race with OSCAAR by the series concept, liking the idea of being able to place an old body on whatever chassis and power-train that you choose.

“This series is virtually guaranteed to draw a crowd,” he added. “With the $11000 value placed on each car through the claim rule, I think it creates a class of old school type driver/owner/builder competitors. I joke that this class feels like it was built for my car, not my car built for the class.”

The eight-race schedule will take the driver of the No. 11 Northland Automotive, Woods Welding and Fabrication, Standard Auto-Glass, DS Motorsports and Juniors Tire Service entry across the province, including a trip to Brighton Speedway in July for some dirt action. Though the date he has circled on his calendar is the trip to Fraserville, Ontario for Kawartha.

“I have never raced there before, so I’m excited to race at a different facility,” he said. “I think the combination of all these traveling series racing there together will be an awesome show.”

For Misener, he got his start in racing through drag racing his four-cylinder 1999 Mazda daily driver, beating blown camaros and mustangs. He then moved to demotion derbies, before heading oval track racing.

“One day while scouting demo cars, I found two VWs – a Sirocco and a Fox, that were too good to wreck, but not good enough for the street,” he recalled. “I bought them for both for $50, stripped, fixed and fitted a home-made roll cage into the Sirocco and raced to a fourth overall finish in 2010 at Barrie speedway. Ever since I have been climbing the ladder of speed to the next class up.”

Looking back through the years, he says his memorable career moment came in 2012 at the Autumn Colours Classic.

“I had my hot little 240sx mini-stock that I started 31st due to previous DQ,” he started. “Up until that point, I had never run that car that hard that long before (50 lap) with high RPM high compression and a little fat on sunoco 110. The exhaust was cherry red all the way to the tip and it caught the floor on fire and I was trying to put it out while racing. Eventually, I had to pit, but still ended up 10th.”

By: Ashley McCubbin

A Mother’s Influence in Racing

When OSCAAR Modified competitor Dan Price decided to go racing, he went to a wrecking yard and gave them a small deposit for a 1985 Monte Carlo, with plans to pick it up a couple days later.

Shortly after, he gets a phone call from them saying they had bad news, and accidently sent his car to the crusher. To make up for their wrong doing, they offered to sell him another vehicle or give him his money back.

“I head over there a bit upset because I’d picked that one for a reason – it was the best car in the place being rust free,” Price recalled. “When I get there, it’s sitting right out front with balloons flying from it and a card on it from my mom. She’d paid for it and set this whole prank up for my birthday.”

Price’s story of his mother influence on his racing career is one of many that you hear being told by competitors throughout the pits on a weekly basis.

Many drivers can recall how their mom has always been there, including OSCAAR Modifed rookie Wally Wilson.

“My mother has always been one of my biggest supporters,” Wilson said. “She’s not one to get her hands dirty with the car, but she’ll be the first to tell us if she sees something she doesn’t like! She’s been to almost every single race I’ve been a part of in my 11 previous years racing.”

Going through those 11 years, he admits it is hard to pick a single moment that stands out, but notes the importance of her being there for his first ever OSCAAR Midget heat victory last year at Sauble Speedway.

“I came off the track and she was the first one to greet me once I stopped at the trailer,” he recalled. “I barely even go out of the car before I was getting hugged and hearing, ‘I’m so proud of you’.”

Through the years, he has received plenty of advice from his mom, stating the most common words that he hears is “don’t be an idiot.”

Keeping words of wisdom short and sweet seems to be common in the pits, too, as OSCAAR Modified competitor AJ Emms says the biggest advice he hears each week – “stop working on the car and eat.”

“I’ve been very fortunate to have two moms between my Mom and Step Mom,” Emms said. “Both have been a big huge part of getting me where I am today in racing and in life. Through their support at the track and at home they help on all levels.”

Through his career, the most memorable moment of their involvement came last season at the Autumn Colours Classic, as both his mom Laury and step-mom Jayne were in victory lane with him.

“We were not only fortunate to have won the race but also have to both of them in Victory Lane meant a lot,” he stated.

Beyond the competitors in the series, a mother’s influence has played a very vital role.

OSCAAR President Dave Gainforth has been attending races his entire life, beginning with his dad crewing for local competitor Danny Reid while he was growing up.

“It was my mom’s job to make sure the car was packed, that supper was on the table and we were on the way to the races on time,” Gainforth said. “Mom still likes to say that she use to take me to Riverview Speedway in Trenton wrapped in a babies blanket from the age of six months old, so I guess you can say it was in my blood from the start.

“Back in the 70’s, women and kids were not allowed in the pits so she had the chore of looking after us in the stands, and it was not just one night a week; it could have been Friday and Saturdays and some Sundays spent at the track.”

Through the years, he admits they made plenty of memories going to different tracks, including Daytona International Speedway, Bristol Motor Speedway and other short tracks in the United States.

“As a family we really didn’t take what you would call normal family holidays; they were always based on going to races someplace,” Gainforth said. “My Mom loves antique shopping and is an avid quilter so I would also map out places to stop that I knew she would enjoy, cause I knew that night she would be at the races beside me in the stands.

“There was one night that really stands out, we were at a dirt track in Ohio and it rained, but they didn’t cancel and racing didn’t start till 1:00am and ended at 4:00am and my mom and dad sat there right beside me and enjoyed the races.”

Throughout his years running OSCAAR, his mom has always had his back, telling him she’s proud of the job he is doing.

“There has been times she has seen drivers get a little upset with me at the track as they voice their concerns, but at the end of the night that hug from your mom always made things seem that much better,” he said. “Yes I will proudly admit I am a mother’s boy…”

She also kept her advice to him simple, telling him to be proud of whatever he did, do the best job possible, and know that she was always there if needed him.

“I really do feel blessed for all the great memories that I have has a family at the races,” Gainforth said. “My mom is fighting the early stages of dementia right now, and it is an awful disease, and it has robbed her of some of her memories, but she still has those racing memories that we get to share over and over again, and that is something that I will always cherish.

“I want to wish my mom a very Happy Mother’s Day, and look forward to getting her out to the track this summer to make some new memories.”

To all the mothers out there – be sure to take some time and enjoy today as you’ve earned it. So Happy Mother’s Day, and look forward to seeing you at the track this season.
By: Ashley McCubbin

OSCAAR Full Throttle Motor Speedway History 101


DURHAM, Ontario — While OSCAAR was unable to race at Full Throttle Motor Speedway last year as a result of rain, the series has a long-standing history with the Durham, Ontario oval. As we countdown the days until the 2017 season opener, let’s take a glance back in time.

The series made their inaugural trip to what was known as Varney Speedway Motorplex at the time in July 2012. Familiar names found their way to the front, with Brent McLean scoring the win ahead of Gary McLean and Brian McLean. Davey Terry and Justin Demelo rounded out the top-five.

While there were five cautions throughout the event, it was either for a small spin or mechanical failure as no hard wrecks occurred throughout the 30-lap feature. Notably, six of the 17 drivers which started failed to finish.

The following year, the track was supposed to be home to a two-day Rick Woolner Memorial show. The first event was put in the books easily, while the second was postponed to Sunset Speedway a couple weeks later due to rain.

The first round saw Gary McLean lap the ¼-mile bull-ring in 12.575 seconds for the top spot ahead of Terry, Brent McLean and Monty Kelly. The odd qualifiers were then sent to heat one, while the even qualifiers ran heat two, with Gary McLean and Brian McLean victorious.

The feature that night once again came down to a battle among family, with Gary McLean winning this time around ahead of Brian McLean and Brent McLean. Terry got the honor of the first finisher behind them, with Monty Kelly fifth.

This event was only slowed down four times by caution, with one of those including on-track contact. In the end, most of the drivers finished with only five of the 18 failing to do so.

When the second half of the Rick Woolner Memorial was run at Sunset Speedway, Gary McLean picked up the victory to take the event win overall.

OSCAAR then spent a couple seasons away from Full Throttle Motor Speedway, before returning to the facility in 2015 with a pair of events.

The return in June saw a familiar name at the top of the speed charts in time trials as Gary McLean lapped the track this time in 12.494 seconds for the top spot ahead of David Balych, Shane Stickel, Terry and Ryan Dick.

Though when it came to the feature, it wasn’t the McLeans ruling the roost this time as Shane Stickel scored his first career OSCAAR victory ahead of Gary Elliott, Gary McLean, Chad Strawn and AJ Emms. The event ran cleanly, with only couple cautions to start followed by nothing for the second half of the event as Emms led the first 20 laps, before being passed by Stickel.

Heading back in September, it was a game of familiar faces up front with Gary McLean picking up the feature victory ahead of Cory Horner, Brian McLean, Emms, and Elliott. Horner led the first 17 laps in search of his first career series victory before being passed by the veteran. Oh, and McLean was once again pole sitter for the event, this time laying down a lap of 12.343 seconds.

With a third and first in the pair of events, McLean was deemed the overall event winner for the season.

As we get ready for the fifth OSCAAR Modified feature at Full Throttle Motor Speedway, it’s anybody guess as to whom will walk away victorious. Will we have a repeat winner, or someone new?

The track is also set to make history once again with OSCAAR, playing host the inaugural OSCAAR Hot Rod Series event, too. With two of OSCAAR’s top divisions partnered with seven of the track’s own, it’s bound to be weekend full of excitement.

Keep your eyes on the OSCAAR website as there will be more content coming as we near closer to the start of the 2017 season.

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By: Ashley McCubbin

Hawn Motorsports Just One of Many Putting Hot Rod Together

Tyler Hawn 2017

With the OSCAAR Hot Rods set to debut this season, there are high hopes for a great field of cars. Those hopes are being met thus far, with teams posting their pre-season preparations across social media.

One of the teams getting ready for the year is Hawn Motorsports. Known for Tyler Hawn’s OSCAAR Super Late Model, the team’s various social media channels – instagram, facebook – have featured images of the their hot rod car in progress.

Hawn said his team made the decision to build a car as it reminded him of his dad’s racing back in the day.

“He is super excited about it. I would even like to see him come out of retirement and drive it,” he said. “Also I have always wanted to try dirt and we have a date on dirt.”

Hawn Motorsports promises to be busy this year, as Hawn will once again have this super late model, hoping to improve upon last season’s results of two top-fives and six top-10’s.

“I do feel that we will be contending for a win,” he said. “My expectations are just to have fun. With my brother racing a pro midget and building a hot rod car, it’s going to be busy but will be super fun.”

As noted, his brother Daniel Hawn gets set for his first full season of racing competition in the OSCAAR Pro Midgets. Daniel Hawn made his debut behind the wheel of a OSCAAR Pro Midget last season at Flamboro Speedway, picking up a heat victory before posting a runner-up finish in the feature.

“It was real nerve wracking,” Tyler admitted. “I don’t know how they can watch me. But I was super proud of him. I know he has it in him to do huge things in racing. He has the drive to push hard to win. Maybe we will see him in my super one day. We also have the pro late there. Might get him into that.”

Stay tuned to the OSCAAR website as we keep you up to date on who is preparing what for the inaugural season of the OSCAAR Hot Rods, as well as the other four divisions.

By: Ashley McCubbin

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