OSCAAR Pro Sprints Ready for Third Season

OSCAAR Pro Sprints

Since their inaugural campaign, the newly-branded OSCAAR Pro Sprints have seen steady growth on a yearly basis, slowly becoming a staple in Ontario’s racing scene.

“I was really impressed sitting back watching,” OSCAAR president Dave Gainforth said. “It’s some of the cleanest, most high intense racing that you’re going to see. If you’ve never took the time to walk up to the fence and watch those guys race, they’re all over the place and they’re giving each other a lot of respect.”

The 2017 campaign saw numbers hit some new record highs, with 27 different competitors running at least one event over the course of the year. The car counts on a weekly basis increased, too, with an average of 13 cars at each of the events. The series saw their most impressive numbers at Grand Bend Speedway (16) and Flamboro Speedway’s Frostoberfest (15).

The series has been a combination of the hard work by leaders Charles Priestley and Jackie Francis, as well as Rob Summers, Glen Blaker, and Ted Greenwood.

“There are definitely people we would like to acknowledge that helped us with the development of not only the cars, but the series and the safety of the series, and the continued growth of this series,” Francis said at the series banquet. “Our goal is to have one of the safest cars out there and one of the fastest mini sprints out there, and this is something that we work towards on a daily basis.”

While the numbers are impressive as they stand right now, it appears that they can only rise higher in the upcoming season. As of right now, there are over 25 drivers registered for the Pro Midget division.

“I think we are a great series – lots of competition and good drivers who put on an amazing show,” 2017 series champion Jordan Hanna said. “This will continue to grow hopefully in the right direction.”
Most of the competitors have confirmed that they will return for the 2018 campaign. There have also been new cars purchased from a variety of talent, as well as others current being built.

“I had a pretty rough season as far as racing, but had a pretty good year as far as watching the rookies come in and see this class grow,” inaugural champion Ted Greenwood said. “I appreciate everything that OSCAAR has done, along with Jackie and Chuck. They’ve done a great thing here, and given senior citizens like myself somewhere to run. I hope the series continue to grow, and I hope we push this series of OSCAAR for another 25 years, if not longer.”

The OSCAAR Pro Sprints will kick off their 2018 campaign at Sunset Speedway as part of the track’s Spring Velocity on May 19.

By Ashley McCubbin

Luke Gignac Ready to Defend OSCAAR Championship

Luke Gignac/Adams Motorsports

As the names are released for whom will be back with OSCAAR in 2018, it’s no surprise to see Luke Gignac and ADAMS Motorsports on the list. The pair will be vying for their second straight title after winning the 2017 OSCAAR Modified Championship.

“We plan on running the whole season again and hope to continue making the team and car stronger,” Gignac said. “We are looking forward to racing at Jukasa (Motor Speedway) and also looking forward to seeing the extra teams that are coming out to the MOD class. More competitors will only make this class stronger!”

This past season, Gignac scored two feature wins, eight top-fives, and 10 top-10s, along with six heat victories, en route to winning the OSCAAR Championship. It builds on the success for the team the past couple of years, after a runner-up in 2016.

“It really was a great season,” he said. “As a team, we really do get along well. We try to just race every week and let the points fall where they fall.”

The crown just adds to his statistics in OSCAAR competition, as his rookie season in 2016 saw him place second in points to Gary McLean with five feature top-fives. Comparing the years together, Gignac said the biggest difference from last year to this was “plain and simple – time,” from experiencing in the seat, to the team growing closer together.

Now hoping to build upon the success once again in 2018, we know he’ll be one of the contenders – but it won’t be easy with the list of drivers vying to snag the crown away.

Gignac will kick off the year by showcasing his No. 99 Modified in OSCAAR’s booth at the Motorama Custom Car and Motorsports Expo.

Taking place at the International Centre from March 8 through the 10th, the event brings together some of the best looking cars and racecars for fans to look at, along with industry experts available for autographs and stage discussions.

As part of the show, Gignac will one of the five OSCAAR Champions recognized on stage on Saturday, March 9 as part of the Short Track Night of Champions.

By: Ashley McCubbin

Brent Kemps Honored For OSCAAR Midget Championship

Brent Kemps OSCAAR Midget Champion 2017

Even though most of the teams are already busy preparing for the 2018 campaign, there was still some left over business from last year as 2017 OSCAAR Midget Champion Brent Kemps was recognized at the series banquet on Saturday, February 3.

Despite the year being cut a little short, the OSCAAR Midgets will always hold a special place in the series history with the action they produced during their couple of seasons. From the close finishes, to the friendships made, there will never be a time when discussion runs out.

With two victories and three top-fives, Kemps was crowned the series champion.

“I would just like to say thank you to OSCAAR for stretching it out for one more season,” he said. “If this was the final one, I am glad that I was able to be part of it and be successful in it. I would just like to thank my family, crew, sponsors. It’s been great, fun, and we look forward to the future, whatever that may hold, but we’re proud to be a part of this. So thank you very much, and congratulations to everyone tonight.”

Be sure to stay tuned to the OSCAAR website for details leading into the season.

By: Ashley McCubbin

Tyler Hawn Honored For Inaugural OSCAAR Hot Rod Series Championship

Tyler Hawn OSCAAR Inaugural Hot Rod Series Chap 2017

Even though most of the teams are already busy preparing for the 2018 campaign, there was still some left over business from last year as 2017 OSCAAR Hot Rod Series Champion Tyler Hawn was recognized at the series banquet on Saturday, February 3.

The car counts on a weekly basis weren’t always solid – as expected in an inaugural season, but there were some nice high points. After the inaugural event had seven cars on track at Kawartha Speedway, the series grew to have a total of 11 at Sunset Speedway’s Velocity 250.

“The Hot Rods – they were a little slow getting going, but by year’s end, we had the cars, and it’s growing as well – and it’s great to see,” OSCAAR President Dave Gainforth said.

Already next year the numbers look to be much higher, with at least 20 cars expected on-track via the early registration count.

With two victories and six top-fives, Hawn was crowned the inaugural series champion. At the banquet, he was presented with a trophy for his accomplishments, as well as the debut of the series trophy, which will be held by each champion holder each season. OSCAAR thanks Gary Elliott for the trophy, as it was donated to the series by the modified veteran.

“So I’ve been racing for long time now, and this is my first championship,” Hawn said. “Some people may say that you didn’t have a lot of cars show up or whatever, but that doesn’t matter – first is the first, right?

“When the idea came up for this car, Dad was all over it. The only reason the car looks like that was because of Dad. He was 90% the guy that made that body, and it brought back all those memories of his old cars. If you put that car and his old cars side-by-side, identical – the way he rolled the fenders, and the way the tires stick out. That race there was Kawartha, and the look on his face that night was just – I’ll never forget it.

“I got to thank Steve Fox. If it wasn’t for Steve, this car wouldn’t have happened. I thank Darryl for making it look so nice, and the crew. There’s endless hours in that body – there’s more hours in that body than there is in rebuilding the super late all winter. Thank you.”

With a solid season, OSCAAR is now putting full focus towards the upcoming 2018 campaign, which should be filled with great racing, lots of competition, and fun across the entire province of Ontario based on early indications.

“The schedule for next year is going to be competitive for all classes as we travel all over Ontario to see who will be the OSCAAR Champions for 2018,” Gainforth said. “With the demand from tracks for dates, we are definitely on the right path and our future is secure.”

Be sure to stay tuned to the OSCAAR website for details leading into the season.

By: Ashley McCubbin

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