A Look Ahead of the 2018 OSCAAR Mod Season:

OSCAAR Modifieds

With the start of the new racing season edging ever closer I thought it be a great idea to look back at last season and look ahead at the upcoming year. I have divided the teams into categories based on information that I have, please understand I went by the best information that I had. If something is wrong I do apologize.

Full Time Teams for the 2018 race season

#12 David Baylch: Entering their third season on the OSCAAR tour, David has spent the winter fine tuning his machine as intends to compete for his first feature win and a run for the Championship. In 2017 the team recorded 3 top tens with a best finish of 7th at Kawartha Speedway.

#14 AJ Emms: This team has to be considered one of the favorites to compete for the 2018 OSCAAR Mod Championship. The team finished 2nd in 2017 while recording 6 heat wins, 1 feature win at Sauble Speedway. Along with 8 top five and 9 top ten feature finishes shows that the team has all the pieces in place to compete week in and week out

#21 Chris Milwain: The 2017 season was a breakout season for the team and was in the Championship hunt right up to the final event. Finishing the season 3rd in points thanks to 4 heat race wins and 3 feature wins all at Flamboro Speedway. The team had 7 top five and 8 top ten feature finishes in 2017. The off season has seen Chris rebuilding his car after a hard crash at the final event. Chris is one of the teams that builds his own chassis in the series and Chris is ready to again contend in the upcoming season.OSCAAR Modifieds

#36 Gary Elliot: Celebrating his 50th Anniversary season in racing, Gary and his team would love to add an OSCAAR Mod Championship to his lengthy resume. Finishing 5th in the 2017 season has fueled the team in the off season to make a run for the 2018 Championship. Gary had 3 heat wins along with 4 top five and 9 top ten feature finishes.

#47 Aaron McLean: For the first time Aaron stepped behind the wheel of the familiar #47 Mod for the 2017 season. The team had some bad luck allowing them to only compete in 6 events in 2017. The team did celebrate 1 heat race win along with 2 top ten feature finishes. Hard work and determination in the off season will see the #47 once again competing for the 2018 Championship

#51 Dale Reinhardt: The 2017 Rookie of The Year is ready for his second full season behind the wheel of his #51 OSCAAR Mod. The team showed the consistency that is needed to succeed in this demanding series, with a impressive 7th place finish in the 2017 Championship. The team had 2 heat wins along with 3 top five feature finishes and tied a series best with 10 top ten finishes in features. A 3rd place at Flamboro Speedway and 4th at Velocity are the goals they look to better this season.

#55 Ken Hayward: Ken entered the 2017 season after a few years retirement from competition. The last time Ken raced was behind the wheel of his #7.3 super late model. An incident only allowed the team to compete in 2 events in 2017, the team has regrouped and prepared for a full season of racing action in 2018. The team has 1 top five feature finish.

#56 Jace Cornell: One of the many talented Rookies of 2017 is ready for his second full season on the tour. The team faced a tough start last year with 2 dns on their resume. As the season went on the team gained speed and recoded 1 top five feature finish as Sauble Speedway along with 4 top ten finishes. The team has spent the winter finetuning their machine and are ready to compete each week in 2018.

#66 Marty Monette: The talented Super Stock driver joined the series in 2017 for the first time. The team competed in a total of 6 events with a best feature finish of 9th at Flamboro Speedway. A recent press release announced that the team is prepared to compete in the entire 2018 schedule and will be a threat for his first feature win.

OSCAAR Modifieds


#69 Wally Wilson: The 2017 Rookie contender is ready to take what he learned in 2017 and improve on his finishes this coming season. The young driver again has plans to be a full time tour driver in 2018. The team recorded a 9th place feature finish at their home track Sauble Speedway in 2017 and had a 10th place finish in the 2017 points race.

#79 John Harper: Spyder Man once again is planning on a full assault on the 2018 Mod Tour. In 2017 the team racked up 6 heat race wins along with 5 top five and 8 top ten feature finishes. That allowed the team to finish 6th in championship points. After picking up feature wins in 2016 the team was shut out in 2017 and that is something the team is looking to change in 2018!

#79h Cory Horner: The familiar black troyer is ready to compete again in 2018. The 2017 was the best for the young driver, with 9 heat race wins, the most of any driver in 2017. Most

importantly the team picked up 2 feature wins one at Kawartha Speedway and Sauble Speedway. With the team building on that momentum fans will want to keep an eye on the #79h in 2018.

#99 Luke Gignac: The 2017 OSCAAR Mod Champion is ready to defend his title in 2018. The 2017 season was one of consistency that allowed them to hold that trophy. The team had 6 heat wins 2 feature wins at Flamboro and Peterborough Speedway along with 8 top ten feature finishes. The team is excited and confident that they are up for defending the title, but they will face the toughest field in OSCAAR Mod history.

Fulltime Rookies in 2018:

#18 Jason Keen: Jason comes to the OSCAAR Mods with very high expectations of himself and his team. With being 5 time and defending Champion of the Vintage Mods, the team is use to success. Jason and his team are setting out to earn the respect of the drivers and the points and finishes will take care of themselves.OSCAAR Modifieds

#33 Jason Bowden: Jason has spent the winter months building his mod from the ground up in hopes of success in the series in 2018. With a vast racing resume with a variety of different cars one can only expect to see the #33 up front battling with the best in OSCAAR. It could very well come down to the battle of the Jason’s for the rookie title as both have competed against each other in Vintage Mods

#97 Tyler Di Venanzo: The start of the 2018 racing season will see Tyler behind the wheel of a full size race car for the first time. The stand out from go karting is following in his fathers foot steps by racing an OSCAAR Mod. The young driver will have a steep learning curve ahead of himself but the talented young driver will find his footing in the series.

Drivers that are running a partial schedule in 2018

#2 Matt Barton: The driver of the familiar #2 OSCAAR Mod has been a fixture in the series for the past 5 years. The 2017 season saw Matt compete in 4 events while recording a 2nd place feature finish at Sauble Speedway. The team also recorded 3 top tens in feature competition showing that each time the team shows up they are a team the series regulars will have to look for.

#8 Gary McLean: The 4 time OSCAAR Mod Champion has confirmed that their plans right now are for a part time race season in the Mods. The team plans on competing at Spring Velocity, Kawartha Speedway and Jukasa and then asses their racing program. Anytime the #8 unloads in the pits, his fellow competitors know that to compete for the win you going to have to out run the #8.

#09 Dan Price: The 2018 season was meant to be a rebuilding season in preparations of the 2019 season. But in racing things change and Dan is hard at work putting the Mod together. The complete schedule or driver(s) is not yet known, so keep an eye on facebook for updates.OSCAAR Modifieds

#15 Brad Pearsall: After taking a 2 year break from racing Brad is ready to return to racing on a part time basis in 2018. One of the original members of the series, Brad recorded 1 feature win at Sauble Speedway in 2015 the last year he competed. It wont take to long for Brad to shake the cobwebs off and once again be competing for his second feature win.

#20 Mike Hearty: The driver that racks up the most travel miles in the summer is Mike, as he makes that long trip from Sault St Marie. Last year saw the team compete on a part time basis and recorded 1 heat win and three 6th place finishes in feature competition. Once again Mike is planning on a part time schedule that will kick off at Sunset Speedway for Velocity Weekend.

#22 Marshall Schrenk: One of the many rookies in 2017 is once again set for a part time campaign in 2018. The off season has seen the team making improvements to their mod and will be looking to better their 8th place finish at Sauble Speedway. The young driver might just be the driver that gets people talking in 2018.

#22 Rob Fennema: Rob has been a fixture in Mod racing before the OSCAAR Mod series existed. Rob has competed in numerous events in the past, and after a year or so Rob has indicated that fans will see him out in 2018. I don’t know his exact schedule at this time.

#31 Josh Gruntz: The familiar #31 is set to return to the series on a part time basis in 2018. Josh was a rookie in the first season of OSCAAR Mods competition and became a instant fan favorite. Josh took a bit of time off racing but will once again be back competing. In his one start last year he recorded a 18th place finish at Kawartha Speedway. Fans can expect to see the #31 again competing for win in the upcoming season.

#52 Mark Gordon: Fans of eastern Ontario immediately recognize the #52 as Mark Gordon. It has been a few years since Mark competed with OSCAAR in his super late model. This season will see Mark once again travel on a part time basis with the tour. With his son competing full time that is the teams main focus but fans will see Mark a number of times this year. Spring Velocity is tentatively on the schedule as their first of event of the 2018 in the mod.OSCAAR Modifieds

#69 Craig Scott: A rookie to Mod racing after purchasing a car from Ryan Dick will be concentrating his season as part of the OMRS group at Peterborough Speedway. In recently speaking to Craig, he has confirmed that he will also be a part of the 2 OSCAAR Mod shows at Kawartha Speedway this season.

#72 Bob Franks: It has been 15 years since Bob sat behind the wheel of a race car. Having logged 1000 of laps at Peterborough Speedway and Mosport Speedway during his career it wont take long for Bob to be back up on top of the wheel. Again Bob is going to concentrate his efforts on the Peterborough and Kawartha Speedway events. Fans should not be surprised to see the #72 sign in for the Jukasa events as well.

#77s Brad Stevenson: Perhaps one of the busiest mod drives this year will be Brad as he competes full time with the OMRS along with several OSCAAR Mod events. In 2017 the team picked up 2 heat wins and had a strong feature run at Kawartha till the team was sidelined. I don’t know the teams full schedule but fans shouldn’t be surprised to see the 77s at Sprint Velocity in a couple of weeks at Sunset Speedway

#77c Chad Strawn: A team mate to Brad, Chad is returning to Mod racing in 2018. It has been 2015 since Chad competed with OSCAAR where he recorded 4 top five and 6 top ten feature finishes. Although it will only be a part time schedule in 2018, drivers are going to have to be aware and keep an eye on the #77c starting with Spring Velocity at Sunset Speedway.

#88r Tommy Robb: It has been a couple of years since the #88r last competed with OSCAAR. During those years Tommy focused on other racing with the mod under the car cover. But the cover is off and repairs are done and the team is ready to once again compete with the best in open wheel racing. I am not sure of Tommy’s exact schedule but I pretty sure the #88r will be at Kawartha Speedway on June 1st

#90 Mark Hamacher: The second year driver suffered a season ending accident early in 2017. But recent conversation Mark has confirmed his entry in the 2 Jukasa Speedway events, along with other if things go well.OSCAAR Modifieds

#91n Max Beyore: For the past couple of years the familiar #91n of Max Beyore has competed twice a year at Kawartha Speedway. Fans can expect to see the same and perhaps a few other events in 2018. With a 2ND place finish last year at the first event, fans and his fellow competitors will both know that Max will again compete for the win at each of the 2018 Kawartha events.

Rookies running a partial schedule

#b10 Kelly Balson: The former super late model competitor is ready for his first season behind of his OSCAAR Mod. Over the past few seasons has seen Kelly compete in a number of different classes with success in all of them, so fans have no reason that success should not follow Kelly to the Mods. The first event for the team will be June 1st at Kawartha followed by the 2 events at Jukasa Speedway.

#16 Anthony DiBello: The super stock stand out and champion is ready to try his hand at Mod racing. The team is competing with the OMRS and OSCAAR in the 2018 season. I do not have the teams complete schedule but fans should not be surprised to see the #16 make their debut at Spring Velocity in a few weeks.

#71 Chris Mitchell / Dan McHattie: This potent duo are not quite ready to start their season for 2018. But one thing that is clear when this team finally rolls through gates they will be running up front competing for wins.

Teams that have currently not let me know their plans:

The following are a list of teams that I am not 100% of their racing plans, but fans should not be surprised to see this list of drivers any given week at the track. #00 Adam Hagen, #3 Tim Tolton,#7 Brent McLean, #11 Cliff Hodgkinson, #39 Shane Stickle, #63 John Baker JR, #83 Ian Bourque

OSCAAR Hot Rod Series Season Opener Bumped Back A Week

OSCAAR Hot Rods at Sunset Speedway

With the winter thaw taking longer than anticipated, Sunset Speedway officials announced their season opener has been moved to May 5, 2018. The OSCAAR Hot Rod Series is set to partake in the event to help celebrate the track’s 50th anniversary.

“Due to the prolonged winter season, we have decided it’s best to move Opening Night back to Saturday, May 5th (5:00pm) to ensure the track is perfect,” the track released in a statement. “That way all teams have an opportunity to test their cars prior to race night, and the fans are comfortable in the grandstands!

“Although it is a bit of a bummer that we have to move the dates around, we want to thank everyone for their patience and feedback in helping us get the Sunset 50th Anniversary Season started and making it the best ever… regardless if we kick off a bit late!”

Fans that had purchased pre-sale tickets through the track’s website will be refunded their money to put towards tickets for May 5. It promises to be a busy night as the OSCAAR Hot Rods will be joined by the track’s own Late Models, Super Stocks, Mini Stocks, and Bone Stocks, as well as the Ontario Legends Series. The entire show will get under way at 5pm.

The OSCAAR Hot Rods will be entering their second year of competition after a successful inaugural campaign that saw growth on a weekly basis. Featuring cars from the 1960s and 1970s, it’s all about bringing back a blast from the past.

Fans are encouraged to check out the OSCAAR website at http://www.oscaar.ca, while following the series across social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also find out more information on Sunset Speedway’s website at http://www.sunsetspeedway.ca.

By Ashley McCubbin

Anthony Brothers Ready to Tackle Pro Sprints

Anthony Brothers

There’s a new tag team entering OSCAAR in 2018 as the Anthony brothers are looking to mix things up.

Seeing the brothers both on track comes as no surprise, as the family has been involved in racing since the 1950s, beginning with John Anthony and Raymond Anthony Sr.

Fans are familiar with Darryl Anthony, as he made the “rough” transition last year from the previous OSCAAR Midgets to the OSCAAR Pro Sprints. Now with those few races behind him, and advice from 2017 Rookie of the Year Daniel Hawn, he is hopeful to contend for the award this year while placing top-five in points. Part of that will include redeeming himself at Sauble Speedway after a mechanical issue last year.

His start in racing came via modifeds at Mosport Raceway, followed by running a Mini Stock at Peterborough Speedway. Now for his brother Raymond, the Pro Sprint will be his first time behind the wheel.

“My thoughts entering the race season is to run consistent, make sure my car leaves the track in one piece the same way it came there, and have some fun,” Raymond said. “I want to learn everything I can about the Pro Sprints. I’m a new driver so I just want to get seat time. I’m hoping I am a natural so I can eventually run with the Modifieds, and I’m excited to run all the tracks because they will all be a first. But I would honestly say the best track out there would be a tossup between Kawartha and Jukasa.

“We have purchased all the equipment needed to be top runners and hopefully we will make a name out there in the short track scene.”

Now that both brothers have made their way to OSCAAR, they see a bright future, with Raymond sighting hope for continued growth in the months and years to come.

“Pro Sprint open wheel racing is the best short track racing,” Darryl said. “We gotta get as many cars out to keep the tracks alive.”

By Ashley McCubbin

Cory Horner Ready to Chase First OSCAAR Championship

Cory Horner

After an impressive season, Cory Horner has confirmed his intentions to once again be part of the OSCAAR Modified tour.
“Heading into the 2018 OSCAAR Modified season, I am very excited to get started after showing some good speed last year, picking up my first career feature wins in a mod,” he said. “I hope to continue to gain speed out of the car and myself as I look to win more races and possibly chase after my first ever championship.”

Horner has come close, scoring a fourth-place points finish in 2017.

“To win a championship, it would mean a lot to me and my family included, as it is something we have yet to accomplish,” he said. “Racing to us is not just a hobby but a way of life as we spend most of our evenings in the shop an almost every weekend at the local race tracks throughout Ontario. Although most of our focus is on winning races a championship would be an amazing accomplishment for our whole team.”

Beyond the points finish, the year was made successful with two wins and nine top-fives.

“Looking back one last time on last year, I am very proud of my team and all we were able to accomplish last season winning nine heats and two features. We will be looking to continue to improve and hopefully learn from our mistakes and chase even more wins.”

He knows getting those wins won’t be easy, noting the competition will be tough.

“When I think of three drivers to watch this year, many names come to mind as we may see new faces and new cars,” he said. “It’s tough to come up with just three as I feel there are a variety of competitive drivers who could win each and every weekend.”

The variety of competition just increases the excitement for 2018.

“Heading into the 2018 OSCAAR Modified season from a fan’s point of view, I think you can expect to see it become one of the premier series in Ontario with more laps and more money up for grabs,” he said. “With a lot of new and old faces returning to modified racing, I feel we will continue to grow as a series and become bigger and better each and every year.”

By Ashley McCubbin

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