Wilson #69

OSCAAR #69 Wally Wilson

Hometown:  Owen SOund, ON
Favorite Tracks:  Sauble Speedway
Racing Hero:  Jeff Gordon
Favorite OSCAAR Competitor:  Gary Elliott
Racing Comments:  Shake and Bake
Why have you picked OSCAAR for your racing career?  It’s the top series in Ontario with the most competition!


  • The Fyre Place & Patio Shop
  • D&M Small Engines

Car Owner

  • Paul, Stephanie, and Wally Wilson


  • Paul Wilson
  • Martin Wilson
  • Zach Sprung

Radio Frequency

  • NA

Racing History

  • Seven years Erbsville Kartways (CRKC)
  • Two years at Greenwood Kartways (CRKC)
  • One year OSCAAR Midgets
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