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3rd Pro Sprint James Stanley

3rd in OSCAAR Pro Sprint Points – James Stanley

After finishing fourth in the year-end standings last year, James Stanley improved by a spot to rank third at the end of the 2018 OSCAAR Pro Sprint season. Right from the drop of the initial green flag, he was fast this year as he ran in the top-three throughout the opening feature of the season […]

4th Modified Gary Elliott

4th in OSCAAR Modified Points – Gary Elliott

With consistency across the year in his 50th season of racing, Gary Elliott was able to place fourth in the OSCAAR Modified standings. Elliott started out the year strong at Sunset Speedway, finishing seventh in the season opener despite an incident in qualifying. He wasn’t able to run as well at Kawartha Speedway, though still […]

4th Hot Rod Douglas Fischer

4th in OSCAAR Hot Rod Points: Douglas Fischer

Known for one of the coolest cars on the OSCAAR Hot Rod Series tour, the Doghouse House Racing team managed to end off the year ranked fourth in the year-end standings. Leading the field to green for the first green flag of the 2018 season, Douglas Fischer ran in the top-five throughout the 30 lap […]

4th Pro Sprint Ryan Battilana

4th in OSCAAR Pro Sprint Points: Ryan Battilana

The No. 4 matched his car number at year-end, with Ryan Battilana placing fourth in the year-end OSCAAR Pro Sprint standings. Right from the drop of the initial green flag at Sunset Speedway, Ryan Battilana was fast as he ran in the top-five during the whole Spring Velocity feature to open the season en route […]

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