Tommy Robb Ready to Return Back To Running Upfront

After a six year hiatus, Tommy Robb made his return back to the OSCAAR Modifieds in 2023 for a simple reason – they are the “craziest, most intense, and most fun cars I’ve ever driven.”

Now even with the frustrations during his return campaign, he is set to return back to the OSCAAR Modified tour for the 2022 campaign.

“Right now my plans for the 2023 season are to run full time on tour, currently in the market for another car either to start a two car team or update what I have but still have a little time to decide that yet,” he commented. “I think it’s going to be an interesting year for the mods with the formation of the sunset division just hoping it doesn’t hurt the car counts.”

Although Robb was able to score a pair of top-10’s and five heat top-five’s, it was not the season he envisioned with wrecks and mechanical issues taking him out of contention on several occasions. Despite that and times going home shaking his head, he remained committed, thanks to the support of his sponsors, crews, and friends.

“Sometimes you should quit or step back for a weekend but we committed to a full tour and that’s what we tried to accomplish with only one DNF,” he continued.

With the year behind him, he hopes to return to the form that we saw in 2014 with him running competitively regularly.

“I can’t say there is anything in particular that I or we as a team can do better,” he added. “Everyone can obviously do better but we fought every week to make sure we were there, built a good note book just need some luck. We have good equipment and I’ve got a great crew.”

One of the tracks he is hopeful of being up front is Full Throttle Motor Speedway (Varney), where he has made plenty of starts in the past in different cars.

“Varney is for sure the track I think everyone is gonna be most excited for this season; it’s definitely the top of my list,” he said. “I grew up there, I’ve run pretty much everything there is at Varney so I’m dying to go back. Really happy to see the tour return to Varney in 2023 and hopefully forward.”

When the trek is made to the shortest track on the schedule, many are hoping there will be new faces in the field. When asked to give advice to the rookies, Robb says, “make sure your having fun, be respectful and you’ll get it in return.”

“Advice to someone starting in the mods – pull them belts tight, respect the open wheel aspect of these cars and I promise most wild thing you’ll climb into,” he added.

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