Best Appearing Award Winners

2012 – Josh Gruntz

2013 – Shane Stickel

2014 – Matt Barton

2015 – Terry Baker

2016 – A.J. Emms

2017 – A.J. Emms

2018 – Jase Cornell and Gary Elliott

2019 – Gary Elliott

2022 – T.J Edwards

Most Improved Driver Award Winners

2022 – Wally Wilson

2019 – Wally Wilson

2018 – Dale Reinhart

2017 – Cory Horner and Chris Milwain

2016 – Chris Milwain

2015 – John Harper

2014 – Ryan Dick

2013 – Matt Barton

2012 – Davey Terry

Don Hawn Sportsman of the Year Award Winners

“The Hawn family has been a part of racing in Ontario for close to 40 years – probably more. This year, the racing community lost the patriarch of that team. Don throughout his racing career, raced hard, had fun, and most of all, with the respect of his fellow drivers. With his two sons Tyler and Daniel started their racing career, the first thing he did was instill those values on his sons. With the loss this summer, Tyler and Daniel continued to race and made their dad proud. Even when most would’ve stayed home, they raced, they succeeded. The family wanted to do something to ensure their dad’s name would be remembered by OSCAAR, and all the fans in Ontario. So OSCAAR proudly changed the name of this award to the Don Hawn Sportsman of the Year Award.”

– Dale Gainforth, 2017 OSCAAR Awards Banquet


2022 – Dale Reinhart

2019 – Dale Reinhart

2018 – Gary Elliott

2017 – Gary Elliott

2016 – Luke Gignac

2015 – Gary Elliott

2014 – Gary Elliott

2013 – Mike Westwood

2012 – Josh Gruntz

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